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Heres some of Reeko the last couple of days lol

PS just in case anybody wants to know................Reeko LIFTED his leg today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooo proud of him lol
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WOOOT!!! HES A BIG BOY!!! What an adorable face on him! You should be proud of him for lifting his leg :p Oh the small things that make us proud :p
He is REALLY big!! 25 inches I think!!! 2 inches taller then roxy:)
I thought he looked taller than Roxy! Lo, Reeko is now a man. I remember when Buck lifted his leg the first time, we were out for a walk, I started jumping up and down like a crazy person... :lol:
GAWD!! He's getting SOOOOOO BIG! What a handsome boy!!
He is growing out of his puppy looks and into a handsome young man.
He sure favors Hondo alot.
way to go reeko!!!! you are so handsome!!!
LMAO Willow I did the same thing and he freaked out lol lmao he stoppped peeing and took off
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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