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Rest Well Brutus

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We lost our flashy brindle boxer in November.  He was the absolute best dog in the world.  We got him at 9 weeks old and he was 12 when he passed.  He was fine one day and normal.  The next day he had a hard time walking (did have a little old age in the back legs), but this was very different.  He didn't want to eat or drink even if I held it for him.  He sat with me for about two hours with his head in my lap.  He did come to his bed and about 3am started yelping.  I had my husband put him in the car so I could take him to the vet.  He died before I could get him there.  We have another boxer, flashy fawn, named Dusty.  We have had him a couple of years.  We didn't want a replacement dog so we got him early.  He had a time of mourning as well.  All in all our lives were blessed by Brutus being in them. He was our protector and precious family member.  He will never be forgotten.  We loved him so much.  Thank you for letting me talk about it.  It still hurts, but talking helps.

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I am so sorry for your loss.  Do you have any pictures of Brutus you would like to share?
I am terribly sorry for your loss! RIP Brutus Yes, if you have some pics of him please post. I just lost my old girl, Skylar, last September. I really miss her - Here she is with Sampson before we got Lucy
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I am so very sorry for you loss. 12yrs! WOW...he lived a long life.
Very sorry for your loss and at the same time so hopeful to hear of 12 good years...
Sorry for your loss!  I've never had to experience this yet, and I dread the day.
So sorry for your loss. I'm glad you had 12 years to spend with Brutus, although the time we get with them is never long enough. Brutus sounded like a wonderful boy. Run free sweet boy.

Welcome to the forum.
Sorry to hear about your loss.  Sounds like Brutus was an amazing dog/friend.  RIP
:'( I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, I couldn't even imagine being right there as my doggie loved one passed away.

RIP Brutus, run free!
I'm so sorry for your loss.  I've been there and done that too.  There will come a day when you can think of him and actually smile instead of feeling so sad inside.
Sorry for you loss.......glad you had 12 wonderful years with a wonderful dog!
So sorry to hear about Brutus, it hurts so much loosing our beloved friends :cry:  I also recently lost my fawn girl Sexy back in November, and I miss her like crazy....

Run free Brutus boy...
So sorry for your loss, run free Brutus.
so sorry for your loss, sound like brutus was a wonderful part of the family and will never be forgotten.
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