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Ringer and his dead duckie

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He snuck his duckie outside so I decided to play a little catch with him


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They just love their ducky's don't they?!!! Kassy's never left her side!!! She even took it to the bridge with her...
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Really cute :D !
P.S. How do you stop them ripping soft toys into little pieces??
caillou\";p=\"45812 said:
Really cute :D !
P.S. How do you stop them ripping soft toys into little pieces??
I don't know if you can stop them.  Rocky destroyed anything that was soft.  Henry seems to be very loving with the soft toys.

Ringer looks great!
Those are some great pics Dan he is a handsome guy.  He has those eyes that would get away with anything :)
Awwww....I absolutely love that last pic!!
he is an absolute cutie! love the pics....

Reese will destroy anything soft. right now she is working on pulling out all the stuffing on a monkey
Ringer looks like he is having a great time with his ducky.  Kiah loves hers too.
How has he not destroyed that thing?  I'd get something like that but I'd be afraid it wouldn't last.  Maybe I should re-think it
Ringer looks great and as I type this my two are tossing their Mr. Mallard in the air and playing tug-o-war with it.  I imagine they will shred it eventually, but for the most part they just mouth it and Kane loves to walk around squeaking it.
That duck has been completely unstuffed and unquacked.  All that is left in those pictures is the shell of the duck.  He seems to have trouble ripping that apart.
Lol Dan, so Ringer kinda demolished Mr Mallard huh? I think ours lasted about 6 weeks, Angel rotates toys and Samson seldom plays with them...Currently the Booda froggie has no legs  8O , the Lamidoodle is missing an arm, you get the picture...Great pics of Ringer, I just get a smile every time I see him...
What a handsome boy Ringer is, love the catch the duck pic :D BTW when I was at petsmart last week I found replacement squeaks. Several of Donners favorites have been in squeak replacement surgery and are back in action!! He doesn't shred 'em just pops the squeaks after awhile.
the last picture is my fav!!!!   Soooo  cute!!!!
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