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Ruff Day - Advise Please

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okay, no pun intended.


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I think you need to give it a little more time....Sierra might have been use to being the dominant one in her other homes and jake has been around your house for a Sierra comes in thinking she's the "top dog" and Jake thinks otherwise. Its a power trip for both of them. I think reprimanding and separating them when they fight should eventually get the point across. Eventually they should come to a mutual agreement on dominance and things should settle down. Its a completely new situation for both of them. Just be sure you show Jake plenty of affection to show that you still love him, but also show him that now he must share your affection (and his toys) with Sierra. Show Sierra the same affection so she knows that you accept her. I hope this helped....Good luck and keep us updated!
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Good advice from Playitme. Don't feel bad and please don't give up.
Also, both of my boxers are very verbal when they play, growling and barking.  look for the raised hair on the shoulders and hind quarters to see if she is really upset.
[quote="mybaddogs\";p=\"8478":2dduwosn]Also, both of my boxers are very verbal when they play, growling and barking.
They were definately mad. Hair up, teeth out, ears back. :(

So far this is what we've done today. Let me know what you think.
Sierra was crated overnight. We an open house floor plan, so we can't really do gates, but they took turns with seperate play times with us this a.m. then we took them for a walk with hubby and I in the middle, and one dog on the outside of each of us. They walked great, Jake had never been on the trail. When the walk was over, we stopped in a place Jake had never been so it was neutral and let them come together. They sniffed a bit, but not too much interest on their parts. We told them both to sit here and there during walks.
Then Jake was able to stay out and Sierra had her water in the crate, I switched them after a few hours. Sierra was out/Jake was in and gave them commands to sit and lay down and rewarded both with treats so they could see I was in charge and they were treated the same. After a little while, I switched them and did the same thing. So far, no fights while they were next to each other while the other one was in the crate. They still haven't played in the house together. We'll try that this afternoon, when my husband is home to help. I think we'll keep them each on a lead in case we need to pull them apart. I also read water/vinigar spray if they dont' stop.

What do you think? Am I doing this right? We're so new to this.
Thanks you guys are a weath of info and help!
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It sounds to me like you are doing very well..The advice that has been given was perfect.. When we brought Angel home 3 mos ago we had a few issues also..Samson is an Alpha with a capital A..Everything is his, including Marq & myself....The hair was up on his back for a good 2 weeks any time Angel tried to play with him..I very carefully monitored them and put most toys up as Samson is also very territorial about those too, even tho he never plays with them! Slowly, that all changed and now, they are inseprable....

Give it time and continue what you are doing and I think it will work out great. This is a great time to work on basic obedience also..Just short 5 minutes sessions a few times a day..It gives you a chance to interact with both of them and reinforce basic commands too. Just remember to always give Jake his treat first, he needs to know that he is still "top dog". Good luck, and please keep us posted on how things go....
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Congratulations!!  You've made some huge steps since just bringing her home yesterday!!!!!  You are a wonderful leader and those dogs are catching on that you have good ideas.  I loved the idea you had with the walk.

The spray can work but DO NOT spray into the face.  It is merely to use as the SMELL stops them because they don't like it.  If you have a lead on keep it LOOSE. You could just let them drag leashes around and then if something errupts you can step on a leash and say "NO!" to stop things.  Then use some more of the commands.  The tension in the leash is what causes tension in the dogs  and it might be good to just have them both out together on leashes in the house living areas and staying apart a distance of say 10 feet and doing nice "settling"  (sits or downs as they choose is my use of this command) and have them learn to relax together without interacting.  You're doing so well with this I would just take it slow for right now and let them learn they can be around each other and no one is going to get left out.  Keep doing what you're doing and you will be there soon.

My hats off to you!  You're one wonderful lady and a good mother to all!
That's why men are fathers.........they really can't handle the tough stuff! Happy mothers day.

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Thanks for everyone's help. Nano you are TOO kind. :)
Thank you.
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