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Ruggable Pet-Friendly and Washable Rug Review

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Shy away from putting down a rug because you can’t clean it of pet stains and fur? Pet Parents need to put down a Ruggable’s Rug – and we’ll help you save 15%.

One of the most frustrating parts of pet parenthood has to be home décor. When you’re purchasing furniture or carpeting, your dog is part of the equation. I know my dogs play a huge role in my home’s décor. For the longest time, I couldn’t put down a rug, because Zed would routinely pee on it. But my living room just got a pop of color, thanks to a new rug from Ruggables.

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This dog is simply amazing! You made me remember the times when I just got my labrador. He was nothing but a scared puppy who sought love and care! Teaching him not to pee in the house was a nightmare! These guys kept visiting me like good, old friends: Wet Carpet | Water Damage Drying Reliable Flood Restoration Solutions in Campbelltown - Prime Flood Damage Restoration Finally, I took out the carpets and magic happened. My dog decided that he wants to pee on grass and trees, just like other dogs!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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