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Sadie has the runs...bad

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We are into Sadies second night at home and for most of the evening she has had bad diarrhea. Watery brown poop...She is also pooping way more than last night or the first part of today. Her bum is really red and she keeps rubbing it on the carpet and trying to lick it. She seems very playful still but I am worried about her.  :cry: My BF fed her this evening and I think he fed her way to much... Also the breeder gave her worm treatment last night.  She has her first vet appointment on Monday, should I call the vet sooner or am I just being paranoid?
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how old is sadie again? I would def have the vet check for worms. Just because the breeder said she got worming meds doesnt mean it cured anything. Also it could be otc meds which may not have been as strong as a vets meds. i would also look at the food. did you switch it? switching can cause watery stool also. the last thing i could think it may be would be just the new enviornment, and the stress of being taken from the place she knows to a whole new place!! please keep us posted on what your vet says.
When we brought Chance and Layla home they got the runs within the first couple days because of the switch of the home. I was told to add a little canned pumpkin to their food for the day and by the end of the day they were solid again!! But it has to be pure canned pumpkin not the pie filling. And i would definitly get her checked for worms
Thanks guys,
I didn't switch the food..same as the breeder was feeding her. And the worm meds they gave her was "Stongid" from the vet and last night was her third treatment.

My BF did feed her a large portion of food tonight so that might have caused it as well as new environment...

I think I'll wait till tomorrow morning and if it hasn't cleared up I'll call the vet. I hope she feels better then, I feel so bad for her.
I was just reading on line about the side affects of the worming treatment the breeder used  
"Strongid T"
Side Effects

Worms are frequently passed with some diarrhea, straining, and sometimes vomiting. An extremely heavily parasitized very small animal may suffer a worm impaction when a large number of worms die and try to pass at the same time.

I am hoping that will all other factors I mentioned could be causing her problems.  :?
Hope everything clears up quickly for you.  I keep her in my prayers.
I hope everything gets better for your little girl. Keep us posted and give us an update after the vet check up.
I hope Sadies feeling better today.
Hope Sadie feels better today.Like Tami mentioned the canned pumpkin works wonders when Chloe gets the runs.  Her poor little bum is probably so sore from it. I have used aloe baby wipes on Chloe's sore bum when she had the runs really bad and that has also helped..Well I didn't use them on her I made hubby do it  :lol:
You can also suppliment her with some Gator-Aid (dogs seem to like the original Lemon Lime best)  Dont let her get dehydrated with the runs.

Sometimes Strongid-T can cause loose stool, but if it is the 3rd time it is probably not the wormer.  There are some things that Strongid will not kill that can also cause the loose runs.  One is coccidia and the other is whip worms.  So I would have her checked by your vet to make sure she does not have something that Strongid wont kill :)

The change of food probably added to it along with the change of households and a boxers sensitive stomach on top.  

You can soak her bottom in warm water to help with the pain of being raw and you can use (human)  Baby Diaper rash cream in SMALL amounts....I recommend Boudreauxs But Paste but I dont know if they have that where you are......Use a very small amount 3 to 4 times a she cant lick alot of it off at once.....

Keep us posted................
Thanks Sharon. We have a vet appointment in 2 hours so we'll find out then what the cause is. Another thing I noticed today in her stool was a little bit of a light green goo...I told the vet so I'm bringing it in as a sample. Do you know off hand what that may be?

Thanks everyone for your support. It could very easily be nothing serious, but we are new to this so we don't really know what to get really worried about and what to think is "normal", so we're just plain worried.

Great tips, I will get some aloe baby wipes and look for that diaper cream and also see what my vet recommends.

I will let you know how the vet appointment goes  :confused:
Canned pumpkin has always worked for us.  Hope things get better soon.
Green Goo is is shedding from the intestional tract.  Very common when there is loose stool......
sharonL\";p=\"23938 said:
Green Goo is is shedding from the intestional tract. Very common when there is loose stool......
That makes me feel a lot better thanks. I was worried it was something rare.
No prob let us know when you get back.  I am curious now......The vet may give you some Albon or something to help....Make sure you tell them that you changed foods!
Let us know
So we just got back from the vet and after testing her stool, they diagnosed her wtih the parasite coccidiosis.   :( The vet said that usually this isn't a concern unless a small dog has it and Sadie is a small dog...So she prescribed Apo Sulfatrim for the parasite, Saline for her sore bum, Rebound liquid (like gatorade) for her to drink and also recommended mixing white rice with her meals for the diarrhea . Penaten cream (diaper rash cream) and pepto bismol were also recommended.

I have another appointment on Monday to follow up with it to see if the medication is working etc. I am really hoping this clears up, the biggest risk is dehydration, but Sadie is lapping up water like its going out of style so hopefully she will keep that up. She is playing hard and seems very happy, so we are hoping that with the meds and treatments the vet has prescribed this will all clear up.

Thank you all for your support and I will keep you posted on her progress. If anyone out there has had this issue with their pup I would be curious to know how long it took for it to clear up for you etc.

Thanks Again
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Might I also add that I am pretty much a wreck right now. I am still very worried for her  :cry:  Any words of wisdom from all of you experienced boxer owners would really help right about now.
Big hugs for you first of all..These pups can really stress us out at times...Sounds like your vet has a handle on everything and has given you some good stuff to help Sadie get better...Have no clue how long it takes for the coccidia to go away as I've never had that with any of mine, seems to me it is more prevelent in young puppies..Give Sadie a hug for me and hoping she gets better real soon.. :)
[quote="Sadiesmomma\";p=\"23975":3qbfsbek]Might I also add that I am pretty much a wreck right now. I am still very worried for her
Hi, I just wanted to say your Sadie is gorgeous...and I wanted to add that from our experience...100% Pumpkin in a can (not pumpkin pie filling, from what I heard, the spices aren't so great for their systems) works great!!  We had a similar issue when the boys first came home(although, ours was change in diet) the pumpkin stops it cold...and by the way, it works well for regulating a constipated puppy as well! :) Hang in seems scary...but, they are pretty tough...she'll be fine...

She really is beautiful...I can see why you are so in love already! :)
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