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Samson has a new name

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Don't laugh you guys...Marq started calling Samson "Sid " yesterday afternoon and I couldn't figure out why..Finally asked him, Sid Seizure  :lol: Anyways, "Sid" is doing well today, we went out for a bit this morning and when we came back he was bouncing around like I haven't seen in a very long time and even jumped up on Marq  8O Leg is much better today as well. We told him not to scare us like that again
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Sid huh?? :wink: I think samson is better suited forhim :) glad he is doing better willow...he should know not to scare mommy like that!
Sid haha, ya i'd have to say I like Samson better as well...I'm glad to hear he's felling better and all bouncy again! :D
How about Sidsom or Samsid....either way I like Samson best, and we need to tell Sid Seizure to stay away!  :wink:
I am very happy to hear Sid...LOL   is doing better.
Call him what you want I am just happy to hear he is feeling better!
glad he is doing better...send sid all our love ...maybe even Baron the cat is sending love lol
I'm so glad to hear he is feeling better!  >:D<  :thumbup:
hmm different but I like it....
SOOOO glad to hear he is doing better!! Sid Seizure needs to stay away... for sure!! Besides it doesn't suit him like Samson!! lol We all send lots of lovin' his way!
8) sean connery is my vote..hehehe
Ky_IsisnOnyxsMama\";p=\"78557 said:
8) sean connery is my vote..hehehe

LoL, Ky, I knew you would say that
I like Samson better also, so happy to hear he has a bounce in his step.
Glad he's back to normal :D
I'm so glad that Samson is feeling better! For some reson the name Sid makes me think of a snake!!! LOL!

Pretty funny but I'd stick with Samson  :lol: Glad he's doing better, we were pretty worried about all of you. geez I felt like it was one of mine, kept saying to hubby "Do you think they've heard anything yet? Did  you check on Samson???" Kelly dozed on the couch for a bit and the first thing he asked when he woke up was "anything yet???" :D We love the old man, what can I say?
What great news!  The little darlings can sure scare you!  So glad he is doing better!
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