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Samson playing with his Wubba

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Yea, I know, not that big of a deal right? Wrong, Mr Grumpy Old Man so seldom plays with toys that when he does, I run for the camera... :lol: So here he is actually playing,, I should write this date down I think.... :wink:

Ok,these are kinda neat, they do make funny noises, I like that

Keeping away from Angel, the pest, he doesn't share well

Couldn't resist this one, in his more natural mode....Asleep.......

And here's Angel, I was teasing her with a Wubba, playing keep a way
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lol, what dolls they both are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awwwwww...Seeing those pic's brought a smile to my face. Bless his heart. He is so handsome and Angel she is just beautiful!
omg i luv it the old man asleep sitting up ahahahahahah

and angels a doll so purdyyyyyy hehe
Aww..Samson just melts my heart!! He is so sweet. Angel is looking beautiful as usual!  :D
AWWW I just love Angle and Samson. I love the pic of Samson sleeping with his tongue open!  :lol:  I love the look Samson has, he looks so regal and relaxed.
Awhhhh... what a hansome man he is!!! I love the sleeping while sitting up... reminds me of my DH. LOL Angel is soo pretty too!
Oh I just love Samson!!! He is such a beautiful boy and so dignified!  It's great to see him playing with toys and looking so cute catching a couple z's.  Angel, as always, looking like a doll baby!!!
AAAaaawwwww!  Samson looking so cute playing with his toy.  And the standing up sleeping.... :lol: love it!  And Angel is just Angel!
I love it! What angels(ok, no pun intended there) I have seen those Wubbas...I bet the boys would LOVE them! ;) Great pics!
Yay Samson!  So exciting when they play.
And Angel's a cutie!
Jeanene, they now make soft Wubba's, I just saw them in my new catalog. I think they are called Sleepy time Wubba's...Here's the link:

Thanks for all the compliments guys...Samson is definitely one of a kind, the only dog I know that falls asleep while waiting for treats!
Great picture of Samsom playing with the Wubba and the one of him sleeping sitting up is so funny. Angel is so pretty, I just love her coloring.
Fantastic photos! Sampson and Angel are cute boxers!

Willow- Question, does Samson like to cuddle? He's just so cute I want to give him lots of hugs  :)  After reading this post I went and bought Sadie a Wubba, a little pink puppy one of course LOL
Lol Alexa, Samson is not big on cuddling, never has been since I got him...He likes to be near me, like in the same room, here in the office, he sleeps under my feet most of the time....If he gets up on the couch and cuddles with me, that's a rare occurence.....So, what I do is get down on the floor next to him and just throw my arms around him and tell him how much I love him, scratch his ears, and then he's in heaven!!!!
Hope Voltaire's as handsome as Samson when he gets to his age :D ! He looks so laid back! Love the photo where he's sitting and dozing at the same time :lol: ! And Angel's brindle is the same colour as Voltaire's - she's definitely smiling in that photo :wink: !
Look at him playing...bless his heart, he seems like such a sweetie!
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