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samson says "hey yawl" from bama

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Good morning everyone. Was looking for a new boxer forum this morning & look what I found!! My name is Willow & I'm owned by a beautiful 9 yr old fawn male named Samson. Samson is a rescue baby that I have had for 3 yrs. Previously I was owned by 2 boxers in Calif, a male brindle "visions of timbuktu,aka buck" and a female fawn "tia maria,aka tia". Those 2 were a very well traveled pair as they went with me & my ex-husband overseas for 2 years & currently live in Colorado. I miss them so very much that it hurts at times, but Samson is such a wonderful companion & such a joy to be around that it makes it easier. He's spoiled rotten, (aren't they all?) goes everywhere with me, including out on jobs!! Sleeps on the bed, (what a bed hog) & generally must be where ever I am. How can you not love that?  :D I'll post a few pictures of our adventures very soon.. Cheers.........Samson & willow
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Thanks for joining! Welcome to BoxerForums.

We look forward to seeing your pics  :D
I've been looking for a new boxer forum too.  I was happy to find this one, although it isn't very busy apparently....

I tried typing an introduction, but it didn't post.... hmmm... I'll have to work on that again I guess.
Hi there!  I was also trying to find a boxer forum and ended up finding this one.  Happy I did!
I have a female boxer named Presley (aka Presley Pooh Bear) and we are also in Alabama.  We're along the gulf coast.  What area are you all from?
She's our first one and what a pain the rear, but she is SO FREAKIN worth it.  I never knew a dog could have so much personality.  :)
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