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say hello to Madeline

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Hello all!!
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Hello and Welcome! Love the name Maddy, can't wait for pics and stories. Congrats on being a rescuer-so many need homes!
WELCOME to the forum!! The pic didnt load for me but go figure with dial up lmao Anyways congrats on getting her and Kudos to you for rescuing!!
hello and welcome from myself, Chance, and Layla...the pic didnt load for me either and i have Cable modem
hmmm...i wonder if the black and white lines around the border of the pic has something to do with it not working...i'll have to research what's going on as it shows up for me.
Hello and welcome cant wait to see pictures
so, i think it's working now...
Its working now...

She is adorable!
Hello and welcome! Maddy is adorable, kudos to you for rescuing her!  :D
thanks so much.  we simply cannot believe someone would abandon her!!  she is so sweet, has no signs of aggression, is housebroken, good on a lease, good with people, etc.  it's just amazing how careless people can be with animals!

more pics to come, and again, i can't wait to get involved in this community!  :)
Welcome!  She is adorable!   It is wonderful to rescue these babies!  Maddy looks a little like our rescue Berkeley!  Congratulations!
[quote="tootsie\";p=\"25548":2ul3gfp1]Hello and welcome! Maddy is adorable, kudos to you for rescuing her!
She is so adorable good luck with everything
Hi and welcome to you and Maddie.  She is adorable and have fun here.
Wow she is beautiful!!! Kudos to you for rescuing her!!! Cant wait for more pics
[quote="hgar78\";p=\"25554":2ktpazuf]awww, another maddie rescue!!
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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