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Seasonal Flank Alopecia

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Just wondered if any of your dogs suffered with Seasonal Flank Alopecia.

Zulu was diagnosed with this after having a biopsy done at the vets. This was the first year he had it.
The hair has nearly all grown back now but just wanted to ask, is it worse the first year or does the pattern of baldness each year stay the same?
And also will it be every year or is there an age where it stops?  :?
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Oh man, the vet diagnosed Mya's hair loss as an allergic reaction to fleas. She has two, one on each of her sides. (One is shaped like a Heart - awwwwww)

Anyway, the skin underneath is getting darker. - Does that mean that its "Alcopecia?'

Well, in any case, I started giving her Melatonin a few weeks back - I could see hair growth but seriosuly, its like putting Rogaine on someone bald and saying -----ooooooooo I can see little hair growing lol I am crossing my fingers that she grows hair.

While the 'heart' shaped is probably Mya's gesture of saying - 'Daddy it was not my fault' It still would be nice if hair grows back :clap:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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