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Separation Anxiety and Dog Agression with a Boxer Mix (long)

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I'm sorry if this is a little long.  Maybe you guys can think of something that I haven't nor the 17 other trainers and 2 behaviorist I have spoken to have.

In July of 2007, I adopted a 2 1/2 yr old neutered male Boxer mix.  I adopted him from an animal shelter that everyone warned me about.  I guess they usually adopt out ill dogs, but Carter came to us with nothing except food allergies which was easy to fix.  I have no background information on him except that he was adopted out once before me but returned in a week because their dog didn't like Carter.  You can tell Carter was abused before we got him.  He is scared of anything whip-like, brooms (which we have finally overcome) and loud voices.  He isn't scared to snap at you if he does something "wrong" a you raise your voice at him.

I'm not sure if you can see websites from where you are reading this from but If you'd like to see him.

From day one he had Separation Anxiety, but it never seemed severe enough to worry about, I guess that was where my first mistake happened.  I also started to notice that when we would pass dogs on the street Carter would try to pull me over to "greet" the dog but start to growl when he got close.  I found out on Christmas day that he can me around other dogs and play as long as I use a muzzle to introduce him to the other dog.  I did an obedience class with Carter in mid-September which he did "ok" in.  He was always trying to go after the other dogs in class and any dog that came into the building, but a correction from me usually kept him out of trouble.

During said class, I was told I had a VERY dominant dog and should be careful.
In the first few months we had him, he snapped a lot at us and one time when he got into some food that we were about to eat, when we went to correct him (tell him to "leave it and go to his crate for a treat) He lunged at me and between my fianc
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Re: Separation Anxiety and Dog Agression with a Boxer Mix (l

wow ...thats some mafor trauma somewhere along the way..hes horrified not just scared...hes in panic mode...i feel your frustration..

sound slike you need a behaviorist not just a simple trrainer..but can be expensive..

is he getting more than enough exercise and time with you?

his mix does look boxer and pit to me also..which is fine..just wondering ..and pits tend to lash out when abused more than the average dog b/c they tend to be abused more due to idiots that try and make them attack dogs..which is quite possibly what happend to him...

hmmm..i wish i could help...all of that together sounds like an aweful thing...we are all here for you..

one thing i would suggest...i would not chain him in the basement...if hes trippin out..he could hang you are isolating him which is worse to an sa dog...BUT i understand WHY...the lesser of 2 evils..and him not hurting himself and everything around him
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Re: Separation Anxiety and Dog Agression with a Boxer Mix (l

*** sully those are some GREAT suggestions...

as far as Carter...jeez hes ok for a time then trips out  all over again..."something" is setting him off...not sure what...but its most definately something there..

so hard to know what since you dont know his background

where are you located?
Re: Separation Anxiety and Dog Agression with a Boxer Mix (l

it took us over a year with Onyx..he is a black lab not a boxer..but still a dog...

he still every once in a while has a burst of frenzy..but now its ONLY towards another dog HE FEELS is in someway is threatning to us or Isis..and its out of nowhere and crazy considering hes such a laid back easy going dog now..from when we got him he was a nut case to say the least..i did what Sully suggested...but it took a year...and ALOT of days of missing appointments with clients...and alot of life rearranging...

we used to surf all day both sat & sun...gone both days...that was NOT happening with Onyx...hed flip out !! so we re arranged things and found a way to bring wore him out, he loved it but then hed see the surf boards and assume he was going..couldnt bring him we had to spend weeks..packing upthe surf boards on days we were NOT going...and leave and come back...jus to show him we WERE coming home...

its a long process...and i was just telling that surfing story as an example of things we tried and suceeded at..
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Re: Separation Anxiety and Dog Agression with a Boxer Mix (l

hope this helps...never know

Where can I find a canine professional in my area?

The International Association of Canine Professionals.

We realize that it may take some extra effort to find a canine professional that meets your needs.

In order to help you, we offer the following suggestions :

1. Seek the advice of a trusted veterinarian to rule out any physical or neurological problems and request a referral.
2. Locate and contact veterinarian schools and accredited dog behavior colleges to inquire about behavior specialists, programs, or services offered.
3. Dog trainers and obedience class instructors may be able to provide contact information for other local professionals who practice dog behavior/psychology in addition to traditional training methods.
5. Local breeders sometimes work in conjunction with dog trainers and behaviorists to help new owners or people who have the same breed
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Re: Separation Anxiety and Dog Agression with a Boxer Mix (l

i am so sorry you are going through this...its an aweful thing to love him so much and try so hard to help him and you cant seem to get just wish hed TELL you what was sure its stressing you out and your marriage...i really feel for you

give some more members a chance to answer...some are at work and some just havent logged in yet..and please know that no one is judging you..its a terribly hard situation and we are all dog lovers..and boxer lovers...we are all here to help eachother...

just hang on...more members will chime in...and someone im sure will have suggestions for you..
Re: Separation Anxiety and Dog Agression with a Boxer Mix (l

i think tying a dog only makes them more aggressive when its a dog tied outside never let in and has no socialization & not part of the family..thats not your are protecting him from himself .. & i agree with good girl that sounds like your best bet right now

im sorry we all dont have better suggestions for you..whatever hes been through in his life has really traumatized him

any thought on calling where you adopted him from and asking that THEY pay for his rehab? or atleast HELP you since he should have been atleast semi aggression tested..its hard for them to know about the sa since msot any dog in that situation will be anxious...or does the have you sign the adoption papers stating that they dont know if he s aggressive etc etc?

worth a shot? just tryna help
Re: Separation Anxiety and Dog Agression with a Boxer Mix (l

jeez im sorry..that really is heartbreaking for you..and  :( its so unfair that none of it his fault..
Re: Separation Anxiety and Dog Agression with a Boxer Mix (l

call the center..real people answer the phone..explain your story..cant hurt
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