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OK... As many know of you know. I like to do two things in keeping with my KISS philosophy. In that regard, SA and the usual assortment of drug therapy, essential oils, calming music and long couch sections has always got on my last nerve!

It is a great way for a whole lot of people, who can't actually help... make a good living by not really doing anything useful! But it's not really of much value to such dogs and their owners!

If people have a dog that is acting like a "tool" on leash, they "know" what to do "correct your Dog!" But if they have a dog that is "suffering from "anxiety separation" and that dog also "flips" out in a crate?? They are at a loss as to what to do??

The last straw for me was the hundredth time I saw the get a "stronger crate solution??"

I suppose that does work, but it falls into my yeah "kinda lame category." It's a solution but not an answer. So I looked to see what the '"Pro's."

They have to see this all the freaking time, so "what do the Pro's do???"

Found it..."Correct the dog!" It's still the right answer! If the dog goes nuts in the crate?? You can put a long line on him in the crate (don't leave it to him unattended of course) and walk away, if the dog "acts up correct him with the leash and say "NO!"

Or you can use an E-Collar also. I don't see any mention of it on Lou's site so I looked elsewhere and found it being used for this. Of Lou has an objection to its use for this, I'll defer to him.

And of course, there is also the "infamous Michal Ellis approach! For those in the Know! :) (that is a reference for the GSD crowd)

So after a few years of seeing various long, detailed stories of dogs in "pain" I finally decide to get to work!

Separation Anxiety? I?m not seeing it at my Place! – Solid K9 Training

Case Study- Why They Say it Wouldn’t Work and Why it Did |

How to Train a Dog With an Electric Collar |

And finally for a well let's say a more Homie like explanation we have Peter Caine! A poster a while ago had one of his "profanity-fueled rants" on Dog Parks! (GSDForum again :))

I was a bit... uh "stunned" but I knew of him now and I started watching his stuff and it turns out I kinda view the use of treats in training pretty much the same as he does! So if you want to hear the info I posted with a more, uh direct approach just do a search on youtube:

Separation anxiety in Dogs : Part 1......Peter Caine Dog training

But brace yourself because that is true "homie" style and as you know:

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