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separation anxiety?

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morgan and i are seeing some separation anxiety in beckham.  morgan has to bring him to work every day since he's so small and otherrwise would be alone for 9 hours.  he clings to her and is apparently crying now at the office whenever she leaves :/

otherwise, he is so good - really cries only for about 30 seconds when placed in the kennel, and if we come home afetr he's been in the kennel he waits patiently to be let out.

i know boxers are totally people lovers.  anyone have advice on how to work with this?  we knew it may happen given the situation.

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It's funny, my males always seemed to be the worst with separation anxiety and I'm not sure why...Buck was soo bad that when he was kenneled he refused to eat. Samson tried to dig holes in the floor to get to Momma... :(  With Samson it was a carryover from his prior life, so once he realized that he wasn't going to be left again, he was fine. However, when I moved, it started all over again...

I'd say give it time, he's still very young and I seem to remember when I would leave for work when Buck was a puppy he would howl and whine a lot..I even went and apoligized to the neighbors if it was bothering them too much..After awhile, he grew out of it...I'd say have one of his favorites toys that he can keep with him at all times, a blankie that he loves also...

Hopefully someone else has some more ideas for you to use..Good luck and keep us posted on how he does....
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Recommendations on relieving separation anxiety.  Puppies have to learn to relax when you are gone, it is not natural for them to be left alone. Use a crate.  Do not give in to crying and take the puppy/dog out.  They will work it out in their minds.  Start with just doing it in the house and leaving the room for 15 minutes or so.  Don't let out until things have been quiet for a while. They should fall asleep or relax quietly.  Sounds like you are doing well with this issue when at home.

Is he in a crate when she leaves at work?  Important thing is that EVERYONE needs to ignore the dog when he is in the crate.  No talking to him, let him work it out and relax.  This is like a child going to his room. Give a high value treat only when you are leaving to him, like the Kong with stuffing and a very nice toy he only gets to play with in the kennel.  It is fine to treat when leaving the dog DO NOT treat when you arrive home.  IGNORE the dog for the first 10 MINUTES of arriving back home.  Go to the bathroom, put up the groceries etc, just keep quiet. When letting him out do NOT make a big production out of it.  Stay calm and say "HI" and take him outside for potty break.  DO NOT feed the dog for the first 1/2 hour after arriving home.  

This should help with creating any problems there.  I have never had a problem with SA in my boxers over the last 26 years by using these techniques.  

Good Luck

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I did have a boxer with severe separation anxiety that I just could never get crate trained. He would throw up all over himself and the crate. He would pant excessively to the point he would be soaked when I returned. I thought he was peeing on himself. Could never figure out why his neck and chest were always soaked. I set up a camera one day and figured out what he was doing. Non stop panting and whining from the minute we left until we came home. He eventually learned how to break out of his crate. It was a big metal crate and he would pull the top of the crate in with his teeth and then bust the door in. I spent thousands on a trainer coming to the house to try and help, tried putting him on calming meds. Needless to say he was never crate trained!  :?

Excellent techniques just given by Nano. The trainer I had coming to the house used those same methods. I know it's difficult to ignore the cute puppy in the crate, but that is a must while crate training. I have no problems with Maddie. She actually doesn't need the crate anymore, but I keep it out for her because she actually likes going in there to sleep. Good Luck, I'm sure if you follow those guidelines you will have no more problems with him, he is still really young and will eventually learn to love his "space."  :wink:
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thank you guys so much for the advice.  its very appreciated.  

we do always ignore him when he's in there, and it definitely seems to make a difference.  he seems to be learning fast!

thanks again!!
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