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Separation Anxiety?

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I'm sure that this has been a topic... and probably numerous times. However, i'm new to the forum so hey, why not start another, right? Anyway..... Another thing my boxer is bad about. Wait, let me rephrase, both my dogs are (I have a rotty, too). When EVER he sees me getting ready to go somewhere (damn they're smart, i'm talking getting dressed, putting makeup on, brushing teeth, and definitely grabbing keys, etc, etc), he starts the woo-woo crying. He whines and whines, and usually when I go to get my keys, if they're still in the house, Spanky (the boxer) will start jumping and leaping and doing circles, usually in front of the door, hoping to go (if I say "spanky, wana go for a ride?! he sky leaps and gets so excited, and as soon as I open the door, he darts to the truck door) Anyway, he gets really upset, and when they're outside, they both stand by the gate on the side of the house and just sit there all sad watching me leave, until my truck is completely out of sight... Even if i'm just going to town, it kills me to leave! Sometimes though, when they really want to get mad, it's destruction time, of which Spanky's favourite pay-back
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Yep mine go nust if i open the hall closet where our coats are kept.
There are a lot of people on here that have dealt with that, Sully especially had a lot of problems with Oggie when he was younger....Samson was awful when I first adopted him, did a jail break out if the wire crate, tore a hole in the linoleum in the wash room, tore down the curtains in a couple windows, he went nutz.....Bought a Vari Kennel(the hard plastic ones) and used that and he was fine, but the SA went on for about 6 months til he finally figured out that I wasn't going to leave him permanately..It takes time, but generally they work thru it...Buck & Tia used to have bouts of that as well, mostly when they thought they should have gone with me  :)
yea, i've had spanky since he was 4 weeks old (that's insane, right? why would anyone sell a puppy that young, but I bough him!) anyway, he's 3 1/2 now, and still has bad SA.... it's eased somewhat, esp now that I have paco (my rotty) he's much better, but still does it, and so does Paco! (paco is 2)
Definitely a common problem!  Boxers love being with people, what can ya say.  I think how much you are home/away also can have a big impact.  The fact that I work from home I think really brought on extra anxiety when I would leave.  They just get used to having you around and want to be with you.  I just try to take him with me if I can.  But sounds like you have a good set-up with the garage/doggy door.  I don't know where you live or what the weather is like, but as long as the weather isn't too extreme that sounds like a good solution to crating.  I hope to have a set-up like that some day but right now I either gate him off or crate him.  He really hates the crate though!
I had the same problem with Oscar but he was not jumping or barking he was doing something worse. When he saw me puting my shoes on  he was going under the table in the kitchen and was duing his buisnes. It didnt mater that i always make sure to take him autside before i live the house ...and usually i live him the moust 20 min when i have to walk my  kids to  school otherwise I always take him with me, he was doing this for a long time But after 3-4 weeks he finaly figure out that I wasn't going to leave him and the problem was gone. Now he is six months old and he is fine leting me go :))
Samson just does the guilt trip thing, we goes and hides on my bed when he knows that it's time for me to leave.  We have crate trained him and the guilt thing works I feel horrible that he has to stay in there while I at work, usually 6-8 hours a day.  But I know that it's for his own safety and eventually we can get him trained to have the free rein of the house like our choc. lab has.  I have been leaving him a few times a week for 15 - 20 min and the damage is minimal.  But tonight he did great nothing tore up or drug out!!!Yeah
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