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This is probably a dumb questions but why is it important to use special dog shampoo?  Baz was really dirty one day and we didn't have any dog shampoo around to use and we decided to use people shampoo on him, it made his coat even more shinny and soft.  
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I use a shampoo from Hartz called aromatherapy. The smell last way longer than any other shampoo Ive used. It contains natural oils that are good for their coats.
Human shampoos can really dry out a dogs skin, as we require a different Ph balance than an animal.

I use EarthBath oatmeal and aloe shampoo.  Its great for the coat, making it super shiney and supple, and it great for the skin in all climates, reducing hot/cold itchies.
I use Earthbath Oatmeal and aloe too.  We all love it!!!
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