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She just pooped blood...

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I on the phone with the vet right now, but Brindle just had diarrhea outside, and it was composed mostly of blood throughout. Her stomach has been making noises the past few days, too. What could this be?
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A number of things but best to get her in and checked out.   Could mean severe dehydration to internal injury.  best to see professional assistance IMO.  Good Luck!
I hate to hear this, hopefully her vet visit will shed some light.
I spoke with her vet. She was just in about a month ago, diagnosed with Pancreatitis.

Anyway-they asked if she's eaten anything new. Yes...she occasionally gets into Bella (our puppy's) food. She's also been eating grass and such outside (a sign to me, she's not feeling well). She's fully vaccinated, and during her visit a month ago had a stool culture run (it was negative). So, they are glad she's had one recently. They said to keep an eye on her, and her stools today...and call back if she continues to have bloody stools.
Hope it clears up and no more problems.
I hope Brindle is feeling better!
Poor thing, I hope she starts feeling better!

FYI: a couple of vets have told me that the eating grass b/c their stomach's upset is a myth. Most of the time they eat the grass because it tastes good, like a snack. Our dogs eat grass like it's going outof style and multiple vets say it's no problem.
Hoping Brindle starts feeling better and it's nothing serious..Please keep us posted
It could be upset stomach, worms, a virus just a number of keep an eye on her and I would not let the stool go more then a day or two at home.  In the meantime keep her hydrated with water and/or gatoraide.....Yeah the eating grass does not mean a while lot...sometimes they will do it to sooth a stomach, sometimes because of worms and sometimes just because they like is the gurrgles that go along with it that tends to lean towards her stomach hurting some....
Poor little girl!  Jetta and Bo eat grass like it's a treat~
Sheesh, Lucy eats grass, leaves, sticks, acorns, and anything else she finds on the ground. I am constantly telling her NO :roll:
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