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She sleeps MOST of the day! Just don't seem right? UPDATE

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Please could someone give me some clue as to why my Sadie seems to sleep most of the day.

Some history:

My Sadie is now 15 months old, she weighs 49lbs.

She had her first season beginning of March '08, we had a bit of a scare here, thought she was pregnant. (false alarm) Phew!!

She has just been for her yearly booster jab and we also got her worming tablet, which I gave to her that day. (she has worming tablets every 3 months)
About 4:30am the next morning she jumped on our bed twice, she never gets on the bed until other half gets out to go to work, short while later I noticed she was quite distressed and pasting up and down the bedroom, then the aroma hit me, she actually had an accident! We didn't correct her as she did try to wake us TWICE.  Bless. Well the mess was quiet runny (usually she has nice hard stools) Would this be due to the worming tablet as we gave her a different one this time, (can't remember name off hand)

Well it was actually about Feb '08 we noticed her sleeping quite a lot, didn't worry to much as she seems otherwise healthy, eating, drinking, she's like a different dog when were out with her flick thrower, (she'll just keep running after that ball.) I spend about half hour to an hour with her up the field, I take her out 5 days a week. (2 days I'm unable to due to work pattern)

When we get home she'll have a little lay down then I'll give her her breakfast or evening meal. Then she would just sleep on the sofa most of the day. She has her little spurts in the garden with the kids and also when other half comes in from work! but  that's about it.

I had a Female boxer before Sadie and I know all boxers are different but she was quite active her whole life.

I'm just a little worried. Any suggestions as to why she's like this would help a lot.  

We do actually have a vets appointment booked for the 8th May '08 just to talk over any concerns I might have and about heart testing etc.. so I will ask vet when I see her as well.

Thanking you all in advance.
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Re: She sleeps MOST of the day...! Just don't seem right?

Thanks for your input.

SharonL: Her loose stools were early hours the very next day. (within 24 hrs)

"it could be that she is getting older and slowing down a little...."   (She's only 15 months old? Still a baby?)

"But.....rule out that she has any intestinal worms.....that she has no UTI or bladder infection or uterus infection from being in heat......that she is not running a fever and that she is still eating and drinking.....T"   ( Will be asking the vet to check these out)

nano: "Also have them run a thyroid check on her when you take her in."  ( I will def ask them to do this)

gOOdgirl: Can't remember the name of the vaccine. Will find out. (my mum currently has the record card for her treatments)

I forgot to mention that I keep noticing that her eyes seem red, I've mentioned this to the vets on a few occasions but there not actually red when we visit the vets!!!  It's the white of her eye thats red. That little second eye lid in the corner, not sure if that the right term used, but can't remember the name of it.
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Re: She sleeps MOST of the day...! Just don't seem right?

Thanks for that nano. Good to know.
Re: She sleeps MOST of the day...! Just don't seem right?

Been to the vets this morning and bit of relief....

The vet seems to think that Sadie just gets depressed around the time that her seasons begin. Hormones changes etc.

I certainly know what that feels like!!  

Bit of a relief there.

Thanks for all your help.

Mentioned Thyroid and vet said, she would of gained A LOT of weight by now (seeing as we noticed back in Feb that she was sleeping alot). But she a trim 49lb.  He asked me if I wanted him to take bloods but I mentioned about her getting heart tested and hip scored,    So we are going to see how she goes in the next month with her sleeping and go back to get heart tests and if she's still sleeping a lot then he will do tests for thyroid.
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