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sHE'S HERE!!!!!!

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Finally, our baby is home, whohoo :lol: Donner appears pretty happy with her, following her all over! Only weird thing, he's DROOLING like I've never seen????? I was a little worried about the size difference until she walked into the other room, picked up a toy and walked off with it like she owned the place!!
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OMGGGGGGGGGGG Lori she is beautiful!!!! Welcome to the world of the whities!!!!! Congrats i am so happy for you
She is beautiful  - a little snow angel!  Reminds me of the day we brought Sophie home to Kane lol.  If they are anything like my two, Donner will take very good care of her.  Congratulations on your new arrival.
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww look at her !!! hahahhaaha shes beautiful !!!! Donner will be on heaven..if not already !!!

she is beautiful!!! she looks like she is comfy in her new home :D
such a pretty puppy love her. looks like you got the perfect gift this holiday season. Try and put some face pics up when you find the time id like to see her close up she looks too sweet!
OH MY GOODNESS HOW CUTE! looks like you got yourself a white christmas! ;)
OMG SHE IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!:) Roxy drooled alot when we first got Reeko so Im pretty sure its normal;)
Aaaawwww!!!!!  Look how cute she is!  And how girly of her to grab the lady bug!  Henry had the lady bug too.  I don't really know where it is? :roll:
What a cutie!!!! I bet it felt like a lonnnnnnnnng wait for her to get home :)
Awwww, she is so sweet! They are going to be BFFs in no time.
Jessie was soaking wet after meeting maggie for the first time.  Maggie was drooling like a freak
She is soo cute Lori!!! Samson did some drooling as well when we brought Angel home & she was grown! Sounds like she's already making herself right at home too.....Welcome home Blitzen........woo hoo
She is a little doll!  Congratulations!  Ours also drooled like crazy when we brought our puppies or new dogs home, after a few days your house will dry out! :D
She is so cute, welcome home little Blitzen.
You know, missed this one when you first posted, I wanted to come back and say "Congrats and welcome home baby Blitzen!" Yeah...more white baby girls!LOL!
She is adorable! Congrats, she looks like she was well worth the wait!  :D
Awwww she is gorgeous! love the pics!!
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