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Shoulder "popping"?

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I don't know if I am imagining it - but in the last week or so it sounds like Chloe's shoulder is popping when she walks.  Similar sounds to if you pop your knuckles - it doesn't happen on every step - but will pop like 5-6 times and then stop, and then again a few times, then stop.  I don't know - maybe it is her leash.  I notice this when we are on walks.  I don't notice it when she walks through the house, but I am not usually right beside her when she is walking inside.  She is not limping.

Should I mention something to the vet?  Is this anything to worry about?  We have an appointment next week to follow-up on the giardia and to complete her vaccinations.
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I'm not really sure why this might be happening. You may want to bring it up at your visit and ask just to be sure.

Good luck!
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