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"Show off" Pictures and Collars

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So I'm curious, so many of the pictures I see posted of everyone's babies aren't wearing collars. Do you take your collars off for the pictures or do they just not wear a collar in the house?
Even though Jet and Omen are micro chipped, I'm so paranoid that they never are without their collars. I even have them in their harnesses most of the time since the collars have been known to slip off. I just thought it was interesting...
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with our guys, the play gets a little "heated" sometimes, and we would rather them be collar-less, to prevent any unwanted injuries..... (ie.. collar getting caught on something,gettimg caught on someone's tooth, getting accidently never know!) we only put on their "necklaces" to go for a walk or a ride in the truck.......
huh, that's interesting, I didn't know that was so common. The boys don't wear collars in the crates, but so far I've never had a problem with abrasion or it getting caught on anything (nor on any of my past dogs). But I can definitely see your reasoning.
Compared to my past dogs, these two don't wrestle all that much. They certainly don't fight hardly ever, but they definitely don't have the bond that some of my past dogs had. Maybe in time...Jet came into my life a mere 3 months ago, so maybe they're adjusting. Also, Jet's a McNab, and at the dog park Omen definitely prefers his boxer buddies...I call Jet my 'kindergarden teacher' since he's so gentle and patient with the miniature breeds. Definitely a gentle soul in comparison to Omen's "bull in a china shop" personality.
we usually let her go "naked" in the house but she never goes out anywhere without it on.
We don't put anything on Rodimus in the house-- only when it's time to go out.
Mine are naked inside, just wear collars to go out.
Yup, ours are naked except when outside with us  :lol: Especially since Donner decided Blitzens collar made a convienent "carrying handle" to drag her around with :wink:
Chyna hasn't worn a collar in months. To me, it looks uncomfortable with all the neck fat she's got goin on. lol With Diesel I sometimes take it off at night time.
Gaby never has her collar on in the house...only when we go outside I put it on her, and Sexy also never had her's on in the house either, and even outside she was so well trained that I wouldn't bother putting it on her except when going for walks.
Mine only wear collars when they're attached to a leash; I know of far too many dogs that have choked to death, or nearly so, from getting their collars caught on something - drawer handle, between deck boards (that was a tag that got caught), or most often another dog's jaws during play.
Fiona wears her collar during the day when someone is around.  I take it off if/when she is in the crate and I also remove it at night.
Duke wears his collar at all times.  Since we've only had him since July, I'm afraid he'll slip out and I want to make sure that I'd get him back!  So far, he hasn't tried to escape, but you never know.  I keep the collar really loose, so he could pull out of it, if necessary.  I put a choke chain on for walks anyway, so the collar is just to hold his tags.
Well I am really surprised, I never would had guessed it was so common.
I guess part of my fear stems from the fact that I still live with college students (hopefully not for long!). People are always coming and going, and occasionally the front door gets left open accidentally. Jet and Omen are great about not crossing the threshold so far (thanks to hours of practice), but that doesn't mean much. Better safe than sorry. It hasn't been a problem so far since my dogs are always with me. The extra socialization and exposure to all kinds of things has been good for them. If I ever felt the least bit uncomfortable with someone and my dogs I'd have no qualms whatsoever about speaking up, bluntly.
I did get the collars with the fuzzy "fur saver" stuff on the inside, though I'm not sure if it works or its a gimmick, but no problems so far. If they wrestled more I'd definitely have a different opinion...
I think the micro chip is a wonderful idea. Maybe it's because I'm an engineer, but I find that kind of technology absolutely fascinating. Nerd, I know...
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Mine wear their collars 24/7....I am too paranoid of them getting out and running off...even though neither are runners...they are both microchipped...but i also prefer how the collar looks on all my years of having a dog, I've never had a single issue with a collar causing harm...only mine are with their collars 24/7/365
Ours wear their collars, when we go somewhere or are outside. They are mircrochipped as well. Baxter thinks Maddy's collar is a handle for him to chew on, drag her, etc.
Roxy and Hugo (our pug) only wear their collars when we go outside.  This is because they tend to play rough and I worry that a collar will get caught on something or one of the pups will grab the other's collar.  I'm paranoid enough about going to work and leaving them without having something else to worry about!  :)  I'd love to get them to wear their collars all the time though if I could trust them to leave each other's alone, as they look so smart with them on!
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