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I only had this problem once.  I made these bars one Saturday and I decided that before I indulge I will give the dogs a bath.  I gave Duke a bath then started in on Tabs (our lab mix) it is always a struggle to give her a bath so once you are in there you don't need any interuptions.  I get her all soaped up and then I hear this loud crash, I shut Tabs in the bathroom and ran to the kitchen, my beloved bars were upside down on the floor and Duke was sitting there with a pouty look on his face.  I turn around and there sits Tabs in my livingroom getting soap all over the floor and of course she has to shake it all over the place.  

I was so mad, and Duke knew it, I couldn't even look at him because I knew if I did I would explode.  I cleaned up the mess, wrestled Tabs back into the bathroom and shut the door.  When I came out Duke was sitting there, so sad, I ignored him for like 15 mins, then we made up and he has never done it again.
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