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My Rocky is three years old, every time he drinks water, he throws up, I tried raiseing his bowls but nothing helps, he also is starting to lose his fur in spots. Any advise
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Sorry to hear Rocky is having such a hard time...I would call the vet and ask what the possibilities could be, just to be sure. Also, maybe Sharon has some advice...
Is he drinking too fast?  This happens with my two.  Also does he keep his food down?
Has he had a thorough vet exam lately?  I would recommend that and include bloodwork and thyroid panel.

I dont know if he is drinking to fast, with his long tongue, I thought thats normal. sometimes there is food with it. The vet put him on thyroid medicine. said his numbers were slightly low, not overly concerned.
Sorry to hear about Rocky, I am sure that others may have some ideas for you but wanted to welcome you to the forum.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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