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Signed up for training today

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Well I enrolled Samson in basic training classes today.  We start March 17.  I am so exciting my hubby is going to do it with him because I will be leaving at the end of March for Hawaii for a week.  I can't wait for that either!! We have a great new place here that does training, dog grooming, doggie daycare and boarding.  They are putting in a dog park and are going to start agaility training once they get moved.  I am looking forward for tath.  They are right next to my work so it is really convienient and they seem to really know their stuff.  I'll keep ya all informed on how it goes.
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Good Luck - I currently spend three night a week training my dogs - I love it and hope they do too!!!   I highly recommend training not only for the dog but the owners as well.   To me its become a hobby, and when I see that they actually are getting something - its the best sense of accomplishment to me!!!

Good Luck!!!  And def keep us posted!!!!
good luck with the training.  What type of training is it that they will be doing?

I start training (positive reinforcement) with attila on tuesday.  once he is done with basic and advanced they said we can try agility because he runs and jumps over everything.
Yay! Congrats and good luck! Odin did great in his class... I'd like to sign him up for the intermediate now but I don't have the time... well I have the time but not the ABILITY to take him... so for now... I'm doing the training all by my lonesome. It's fun though and we both have a good time (like any training should be right!!?)!

Congrats on the dog park too!!
awesome!  I am hoping to get Jetta and Bo started in training ASAP...I've just been soo sick lately that I haven't wanted to pay and commit and then  not go...both of my babies could definately use some manners, lol...Love the new signature...good job Marie!
Good Luck! I spend a lot of short intervals throughout the day training Jake (about 5-10 minutes). It's enjoyable for both of us and he is coming along very well, even at 14 weeks old he can sit, stay, laydown, and has great leash discipline - we're working on target exercises this weekend. He is in positive reinforcement training at a reputable obedience school, and we do use clickers. When I signed up I thought it was pricey, but it's turned out to be the best $300 I have ever spent. I want to take him to the next level when we finish basic training because it's fun for dog and owner. Best of all, I find training helps calm him down after getting really excited!

He starts swimming lessons at a K9 aquatic centre here in Calgary in three weeks! I am really excited to see him learn to swim!!!

Good luck, you won't regret it.  :lol:
Simoncgy, where/how did you find swimming lessons for Jake?  I really want to make sure Maggie and the new addition can swim seeing as how we have a pool.  I am looking into training right now, but if anyone has any advise on whether I should take Maggie and Herbie (it'll be Max by tonight) together that would be great.  Are there any reasons why I should or should not take them together.  At this point is going to be quite pricey I know.
but if anyone has any advise on whether I should take Maggie and Herbie (it'll be Max by tonight) together that would be great.
Not sure but if there are two of you and two dogs then I dont see a problem.
Great advise never really thought about giving them a night away from each other however you make a great point Hanna.  Thanks I will keep you up dated.
I agree that is a great idea Heather, I was thinking of taking Kiah to a refresher course this spring and should have my new rescue by then so he could go at the same time (get someone to go with me for Kiah).  But each having there own night sounds much better.
[quote="choas2k\";p=\"74858":286ghf2y]Simoncgy, where/how did you find swimming lessons for Jake?
Good luck!!   Sounds like a great place you've found!
Our trainer recommended training separately - she gave the same good points that Heather did about their own special night out and not being distracted by the other one.
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