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Signs of UTI or something else?

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The past few days Cosmo has been waking up about every hour to two hours during the night to get up and pee. He is 5 months old. As far back as around 9 weeks he would sleep throughout the night and go when I woke up around 5:30.  Maybe he would get up once in between. But now, he gets up, sniffs around and wants to go outside frequently. Today I noticed his stool was a very light shade of brown, I dont know if that has anything to do with it... but he didnt even drink but a few sips of his water before bedtime...

Any thoughts?
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I'm surprised he went through the night so young w/out having to go out.
Henry couldn't go the whole night w/out a break till about 7 months.
Does he have an odd colored discharge coming from his penis?  When he goes out, does he have a hard time going?  
I've never dealt with this problem myself, but others have and they will be able to help you more.
The main signs of a UTI are number one blood in the urine so if after he pees if you will wipe him to make sure there is not blood or a pink discharge...From there needing to go or I should say feeling like they need to go but when they go out they just go a little bit, or move from spot to spot going a little bit, or not able to go at all....of course that is sometimes something males do anyway if they are marking.....Normally the will drink more water then normal...A UTI does not usually affect the stool maybe he just had something upset his belly and felt he had to poop instead of peeing.....You can check to see if he is licking hisself more then normal or if there is a discharge that is not normal from the penis, again sometimes hard to tell in males because they have a normal discharge.....
Maybe it was an upset stomach and it will be better today.....
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