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silly sumya

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Ha! Are those her reading glasses?  :lol:  She is stylin now!
hahahahahahaha, shes thinking "Okay, take the picture so i can go back to bed!" ahhaha classic silly picture :p
OMG that pic is priceless! So adorable..What a good model you are for mommy Sumya.
awww she is so cute in that picture... love her white markings!
OMG  :lol: I have one with my girl Sexy with glasses to!!, that's just awesome, they can be so patient when they want to!!


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awww! great pic of sexy! she was thinking "i look sooooo smart, right dad!?" she looks so proud of herself! :D
She is so cute and looks so sophisticated in her glasses.
Awww, look at boththose lovely girls sporting their new specs....Lol, the only thing Angel wanted to do with mine was eat them  8O
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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