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Smelly wind

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hi all.

My 4 year old bitch has developed over the last 3 weeks a very strong smelly wind problem. Her farts, STINK.

Shes on a diet of tripe and oxe cheek with a mix of complete with the tripe and has never been this bad before. I've also noticed 1 or two light green sports around the house, which appear to be coming from her vulva.

Any ideas please?


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I am no expert but if it is green, I would imagine it is some kind of infection.  I would check with a vet to be sure.
That sounds rough...maybe a yeast infection or bacteria.  I'd get that checked out though for sure.
i remember sharon saying that sometimes the green is okay you might want to check with the others - hoewever the green discharge was from the males. The girls had also just mentioned yogurt helps with gas! yeah i know that boxer gas really packs a punch!!
The males tend to have a yellow-greenish Smegma discharge....but the females should be clear.....
I'll bet that i wouldn't be smelling too good either if i was on a diet of "tripe and ox cheek" - :lol: . Are you sure it's not just due to the offal? Tripe does smell pretty strong even before digestion??? Good luck finding a solution..... :D
betty CUTS IT.  seriously. she always has.  they ALWAYS are the most foul farts...i find it a bit laughable now, except when friends come over :). sometimes they'll even make a fart noise like a person! and i'll look at her expecting her to be embarassed or something, but then i remember that she is a dog and has no idea what a "fart" is and could really care less either way.

betty has also had a greenish discharge that hangs out on her directional hairs from time to time.  the vet said this is normal, but betty still is a puppy and im not sure how much of a difference this makes.  sorry i can't be of more help.
Okay maybe I am just having a early senior moment but what is Tripe? Ox Cheek I know....Is this a Euro thing????  :lol:
Sharon, Tripe is the muscular lining of stomach, usually cow but can also be sheep or pig. I actually grew up next door to a man that ate that stuff! about some breakfast now?  8O
Haha! You lot really aren't very brave when it comes to trying 'different' foods are you? I actually like tripe, in fact there is little i don't like except maybe very rare meat or raw fish. I suppose that's what comes of living in France and also growing up with a father who's a food journalist - we had to try everything he cooked for us. In French supermarkets you'll find veal & pigs heads, brains, something called 'fraises de veau' that look like long coils of intestines, pig trotters, slices of 'tetine' which is cow udders (i tried that - it's actually revolting. Soggy and tasted like sour cheese). But we do have normal and delicious stuff too!!
p.s. i was in Paris yesterday and popped into a Starbucks to have a slice of white chocolate & raspberry cheesecake so i'm not knocking your cuisine! :wink:
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Hi all,

Thanks for the replied, im going to see my boxer mate today, he'll have a look at her for me if not then its off to the vets.


calliou...LOL  I just have to laugh..isn't it funny the differences.  I actually did know what tripe was, I believe, but don't quote me, it's used in a lot of authenic southwestern foods (Mexican).

Anyhow..I would have your pup checked out, anything unusual, I'm having my vet look at it.
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