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So proud of my kiddos...

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Friday night, hubby and I took Sam and Lucy for a neighborhood walk. My OH's cousin lives in the adjacent subdivision so we decided to walk over and see if they were out. They have three female dogs (lab, brittany, and collie mix). Well, they were out in the driveway with the dogs so we introduced them to each other - I was a bit nervous but they told us their dogs were friendly with other dogs. Lucy and Sam were awesome - they loved meeting and playing with their cousins. Lucy's hackles were raised initially but I have found that she does that all the time when she is meeting a new dog. Once she was comfortable with them, it was play on. Now I am beginning to think it is the confines of Petsmart...I have been walking them religously for 30 minutes in the morning and at least 30 minutes each evening plus taking them with me whenever I have to run an errand. Whenever we encounter a person or person with pet, I asked if we can introduce them. I am trying to expose them to as many different environments, people, and pets as possible and I think it has really helped!
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WTG sam and Lucy!! keep up the good work!
WhooHooo cousins to play with  :lol: I agree with you, exercise and socialization are the keys to these fur kids :wink:
No kidding! I am so excited - the daycare just called and said they will begin calling to set up the temperment testing within the next week and should be able to get us in by the end of March.
That is wonderful news, nothing better than having friends to play with.
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