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I think this was the best Christmas in a long time...I got everything I wanted and then some.

I'll just hit the highlights :D
Coach purse
Dyson Animal (works AWESOME!!! the house already smells better b/c it picked up all the dog hair)
new digital camera
Adult footie PJs :)lol:)
iPod adapter for my car
bunch of comfy sweats and hoodies
new jacket

I also bought my husband a 32" flat plannel TV and a Garmin GPS, I think he'll be busy for a few days. :lol:

How about you!?

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Ipod speakers
gift card for the movie theatre, and visa gift card
a new green yankee hat with a shamrock
a hand made coffee mug - my cousin made it
a corning ware rack
a picture frame with a picture of me and my sister from thanksgiving
new lenox holiday ornaments
the rest of my lenox nativity set
lenox candle holders

- still have to do our kris kringle with Shauns family today.  I will get one or two more gifts

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First Christmas I've not wanted ANYTHING! Just for Sarah to have lots of presents!!

BUT... Santa got me UT3!!

I know it was a for me, for you gift though. So I'd stop harassing him about playing Civ4 SO MUCH!

HAHAHAHA... isn't going to work though!

Oh, and presents from the In-Laws... nothing good enough to mention.

MY FATHER bought us that KODAK EASYSHARE Z812IS HD Digital Camera... earlier this month as a Christmas present... SO I've ecstatic!

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I got the things that matter most in life.  Being with my family - hubby, parents, sister and children.  Everyone is healthy, happy and enjoying all the goodies that Santa brought them.  Merry Christmas to everyone and have a safe and happy holiday season.

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i would have traded it all to be with my family on Cape Cod but heres the wonderful things i got

1. 2 gh thumb drive mp3 player ( pretty cool usb thumb drive that you jsut plug ear phones into)

2. my parents gave all expense paid trip to a resort of our choice,including air fare & car rental for a week

3. old navy gift cards

4. amex gift cards

5. new charms for my italian charm braclet

6. a another cape cod braclet

7. a key chain thats a computer use a usb cord and load pics in it that play in a slideshow( 40 pics)

8. tons of Boston & Cape Cod stuff whooo hoooo

9. a few special xmas tree ornaments

10 and best of all..the kids got everything they wanted

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I got a new Seiko watch! :D
and a David Crowder Band CD
and a santoku knife
and a cross thingy to hang in my car!
Will go to mom's and mom-in-law's this weekend and get more stuff.

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My new car, that was my big gift, still awaiting my other one-stay tuned on that
Diamond studs
books(i'm happy, especially as one is autobiography of Clapton)
Ceramic house numbers
teddy bear(I collect them)

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I got a ton of stuff that I was not expecting (saying I did not even give my parents a christmas list because my parents pay my rent and to me that is enough! (the area where I live is not exactly the cheapest area--- philly burb)

but of course they went overboard for their only child who no longer lives at home, and who lives 2 states away...

I got:
a HUGE tool set! (awesome! i needed tools!)
a beautiful cookware set!
a very nice steak knife set! (complete with kitchen shears!!!)
a TON of boxer related items-- a hard-backed calendar, christmas tree ornament, a wonderful little boxer ceramic that looks like tucker doing the boxer bow :), and a magnet that will look great on my fridge)

and I also got something I really wasn't expecting! I mentioned to my father on friday when he came up to PA to help me drive down here.... I just said "yea im looking into getting an Ipod because I want to listen to music while I walk tucker" yea that was only friday so I figured I was safe and it was too late for them to do anything... well I was wrong! I got one of those new Ipod nano video thingers!! I couldnt believe it!  

Ive had a wonderful Christmas up until now... when we figured out my father has a 103 degree temperature... now im just worried...

sounds like everyone has had a wonderful Christmas :)

Merry Christmas everyone

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we were able to get my daughter  alot this year so for that i am grateful but here is what i got....

bottle of the new prada perfume.
alot of clothes from the gap.
a new coach purse
a new coach wallet
some candle holders
a juicy couture track suit

i was  not expecting to get anything, my husband and i agreed to only buy for i was very pleasently suprised

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Well the kids got a wii game system
lots of clothes
many games and toys

I got my wife sweaters
quilting books
and a 6 week quilting class

I got a gift card to Cabela's outfitters
Nintendo Ds
New clothes
and the Joy of spending Christmas with our whole family

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