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Soft Collar Suggestions

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Anyone out there find a real soft collar?  Anna's neck is getting sores because of the one she has now.
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what kind does she have now?
Really?  I would be worried it would chafe her neck.  I'm starting to wonder if a harness would be better.
yeah, if the nylon is bothering her i say switch to leather.
Dont just get some ole cheap "look like leather" but a decent $12-$25 depending on size good leather one and should last as long as needed & she should have a better feelin neck.

Some people like harnesses,myself havent had no experience with them so cant help you there my friend.
I know everyone has been singing the praises of the Shaka collars.  They're lined with satin so they don't chafe at all
also if she is allegery to the nylon most harnesses are made of it.It make irritate her whole body instead of just neck. I would for sure try leather before you bought anything else nylon rather it be collar or harness.
here is collar & leash that I kinda lean to when I buy for myself or a gift to a friend.They both have deer skin (the deer skin side is what will be touching her neck) so maybe that will help her.The leash itself only has deer skin where you hold on it yourself but both for $ and no troubles (with my expereince) is excellent.
I like the deerskin one.  seems like it might be easier on her. I'll pick one up on the way home today and see what happens.
I use a rolled leather collar on Angel mainly cos the thicker collars just don't look right on her. They are very strong as well, which is an added plus
I have also found that rolled leather collars work great.  I run a Doggie Daycare and we have a boxer with skin issues his collar would also rub until his fur was gone but since we switched to a rolled leather is has reduced the irratiation of his collar.
Isis's neck breaks out when i leave a collar on her no matter what its made of...we put them on when we go somewhere and take them off when they are home...seems to work great...

we have 2 collars for each dog...a chain that hangs kind of big..only for the they have tags on but it doesnt get ruined by the salt...and also the nylon /cotton for other places...

cant leave either on her though...rubs her neck under neath...
Well I do the same thing, just us the collar when we go outside, in the house Scoobs is always nkd
But actually I know of a comfy option: Planet Dog's Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collar, I use their harness, but mostly in the car (since it can be used as a safety restrain to... pretty easy to use) and when going into to crowded areas like shopping malls...

Here's the info from Planet Dog's webpage:
[i:3nvyg7y8]This ultimate, eco-friendly dog collar is naturally dyed pure hemp - one of nature's strongest fabrics. It
these are all great collar ideas. Im going to look into them when Maverick is a little bigger. I hate buying collars for him now that are expensive since he walks on a harness and out grows them so fast, Still he will need a tag collar eventually. I had to ask, do you ever wash her cloth collars? Ive heard that they can get dirty and harbor bacteria but also if you wash them sometimes the detergent could make your pup break out. just a thought, hope it all works out!
I would recommend the Shaka Dog collar.  Henry used to get very itchy under his nylon colar, but the shaka is lined in satin and he doesn't itch anymore.

How is she doing otherwise?  I know you were having some destruction issues.
Donya's Mom, I wash Samson's nylon collar frequently with a mild soap and water, rinse it really well and let it dry, no problems....
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