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some funny Jetta pics- EARS!

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So intent on that treat!


Tug of War- excuse the mess- laundry day!

pretty in pink

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Aqua theyare both gorgeous!!  Jettas ears are great!!!
Jamie she is so so pretty, love those ears, wonder how they would have been if they were cropped. Bo is a handsome gut to.
I have a feeling IF we had cropped her ears...she coulda done the show crop with no problems and no taping, lol...she has such stuff ears...they stand up all alone except the tips 80% of the time, lol
awww i love her ears! they look so cute "au naturel" it gives her her own little character!
those are so sweet-- defin. frame worthy!!!
She is so adorable, her ears give her so much personality.
LoL, yea, she definitely wou;dn't need much help keeping her ears up after a crop  :) How cute
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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