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Some new pictures of the two babies...

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They grow so fast, it is so scary :)

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So cute, Love the first tongue pic!  :D
aawww they are both so sweet :D  I love the first pic of Cato kissing Tiki, it's priceless!
wow, tiki is a tubby little thing!
Awwww! Cute! I love the first pic with the tongue and the last pic of them back to back is absolutely gorgeous!!

aquagirl900\";p=\"81696 said:
wow, tiki is a tubby little thing!
Yeah all he wants to do is eat, eat and eat. we thought he had worms, but the vet said he's fecal check came back normal. He is only 10 weeks old but he is already 21 lbs. He is going to be big.
Love the pics - your babies are so cute! I love the last pic.
I love the last one!  All tuckered out......too cute!
[quote="dixie621\";p=\"81704":337s7zzr]I love the last one!
great pics. the last one is my fav when they are napping.
Aww so cute, I love the one of both of them on their bed...
Very good lucking pups!  

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