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Some pics I wanted to share of my gorgous Buck

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Most of you know that I previously had 2 other Boxers, that sadly are living in Col with my ex rather than with me(long story)...Anyways, I found all my pics I had of Buck & Tia, took them in and had them put on disk..Thought I would share some of Buck's puppy pics

Visions of Timbuktu at 10 wks(when we brought him home)

Also at 10 wks checking out the pool

What a sad face-14 wks

Look Mom, I'm going swimming-20 wks

Buck & Oreo-14 wks

Practicing his balance  :) 4 mos

Woo hoo, I can fly

Buck & Tia in the pool

Waiting for treats(note the BIG stuffed Boxer between them)
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Great pics!!! They are both wonderful looking boxers.....
Willow they are both beautiful!!! I can see how you would miss them.
Willow, they are both gorgeous!  :D  Do you ever get updates on how they are doing? Were Buck and Tia littermates? Just beautiful....
Aww, Willow, they're GORGEOUS.  I absolutely love Buck's colouring.  How old are they now?
Thanks you guys, Buck would be almost 9..Hard to believe...Tia would be 8..Sadly I don't communicate with my ex so no, I have no way of knowing how they are doing and it kills me everyday not knowing. :cry: ...They aren't littermates, we got Tia the following summer after we got Buck...My sister & I used to joke about doing a kidnapping run to rescue them :lol:
Buck and Tia are just beautiful Willow; what great memories you must have of them.
Thanks for sharing your pictures of Buck and Tia...... they are beautiful....... :)
They're both beautiful.  I bet you'd have a lot of help if you ever wanted to go through with that dog napping!
What beautiful babies, love the flying in the pool pic! So sorry that you are separated from them now, but they will always have a place in your heart, I know.Left my favorite cat 25 yrs ago with my ex and I've always wondered?????
OMG Thanks for sharing these Willow, Buck is one of the most beautiful brindle's I've seen. Tia is a little sweetie too. I'm sure you miss them very much.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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