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some recent Oggie pics

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Just bored, waiting for the weekend, heres a few pics since I haven't posted any in a while.  Not my best work but oh well

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Oggie is a cutie~
He is so cute! His coat looks so super shiny!

I love the one of him in the snow - very cool pic!
Oggie is looking really good, love his collar.   He looks so grown up in the picture in the snow.
those are great!  I love the ones with his nose up to the camera
Adorable! We both have the paws n bones on our boxers, and we both have chocolate labs! *high5*
such a cute puppy..he is getting huge tho!
He is looking so grown up! I love his face, it's really taking shape..he's such a cutie. I love the second pic, his eyes are beautiful.
Ogggie is looking quite handsome...We needed some new pics of that guy  :)
he is a very handsome boy...still got a puppy look to his big is he now?
Oggie is looking all grown up already! He looks awesome, very handsome!  :D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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