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Some updated pics of Roxy

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Hi guys!

I haven't been on here for ages until today so I thought I' post some new pics of Rox as I've finally put them on my computer!  Hope you enjoy them!!  :)

Roxy's 'I'm so cute' face!!

Sleepy after walks

Cuddles with her ma!!

And kisses too..

And a few more random pics....

I love this pic

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Those are great pics... The first one she looks like she is thinking "pictures AGAIN"....The last one is still one of fav's loving her smooshy face.
She is so cute - makes me want a white boxer!!!
she is so cute! thanks for sharing, she looks so big now!!
Aww, she so cute. I just want to smoosh those chops!  :D
She is so cute, I love snoozing on the couch one.
awwwwww what great pics !!! shes gorgoues !! thanks fo sharing :)
She is getting soo big! Great pics of her and Hugo as well....Just want to smoosh that face of hers  :)
Awwww...there she IS! I have been wondering where you were! :) She is the little girl who inspired us to pick a little girl who has a patch on the opposite side of Micster! We will be bringing our Pua home on Friday and you'll see TONS of pics, I am sure! :)

Here's to all of our White Boxer girls!!!
Thanks all for your comments, I thought it was about time I posted some more pics - Rox's growing so fast!!  :)  OH and I went on holiday for 2 weeks and even in that time we noticed she was bigger when we returned!!  

Donya - she's almost 8 months old now, seems only yesterday that we were carrying her into our home at 8 weeks old and she could fit in my hands lol!!!

JeanenesBoogerBabies - Yay, you're getting another Boxer!!  Can't wait to see pics!!  :)
What a cutie! Love the pics. She is getting so big  :)  She looks like a cuddler!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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