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Sometimes I wish....

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So Lette and I returned with a successful trip to see my parents and their parents informed me that they might be moving to Austin to a loft condo they are thinking about buying...and if that happens I GET JACK (their boxer) YAY!!!!  I love Jack Jack and tried to get him before I got Lette!!!  But anyways my whole point of this bulletin is now that we are back at Fort Hood, Texas...and Lette had a great time with the other two dogs this weekend, and a few at the park...I sometimes wish that I could fall asleep within 2 minutes of laying down and not have to worry about anything and EVEN snore sooooooooooo loud that there is nothing that will or could wake me up...She is out...she is exhausted...We had a great time though, and she was a little sad when we left, I could tell  :roll:
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Sounds like she had a great time.  I agree it would be great to fall asleep without a care in the world!  She is a beautiful boxer!
Its good to hear that she had a good time. May i just say, that i think that Lette has one of the most adorable face, those big sad eyes, What a cutie
Thank you I think she is pretty, but I think all boxers are pretty lol...Any color any face...:)
Glad you made it back safe and sound and had a good trip!
Ya I wish I could fall asleep like our dogs do....sometimes it takes me a few hours to finally fall asleep, and then of course I'm tired the next day :(
That is a beautiful brindle. Is the other dog a brindle as well ?
Sounds like a great time, Lette will love it if Jack is able to come live with you.  I can't wait to rescue my second this spring.
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