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Sophie and Kane are getting their own backyard

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I am happy to say that we are moving into a 6,000 sq. ft. home at the end of the month.  It has a huge back yard which is fully fenced and has lots of shade trees for the puppies to play in.  It was my parents home, but they have moved on to an assisted living facility -- and I am just so excited that soon I will be able to just open the back door and the puppies can romp and play to their hearts content.  I didn't think that the two of us really needed such a huge house, but my parents made me an offer I couldn't refuse.  Just wanted to share my good fortune with you all.
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a HUGE congrats to you!!!! The babies will love having such a big yard to play in!!!
Congratulations, sounds great!
Oh how wonderful for all of you! The babies will love having all that space believe me..And each gets their own bedroom, right?  :bsjoke: That's what Buck & Tia did, they each claimed one of the extra bedrooms as their own, had to kick them out for company... :)
Yay!  That's wonderful.  
Our house is just under 3000 sq.ft., but we have a whole acre of fenced in yard!  Henry loves it! :wink:
So happy for you guys.
That is so wonderful for you and your puppies!! We have a big yard but no fence (yet) Have fun! When do you move in?
Whoa 6,000? HOLY CRAP! Our house is only 900. Congrats! I am sure Sophie and Kane will love it!
We will probably start moving this coming week.  I have a lot of things to do first, like cleaning out all of my parents furniture and stuff (that could take months lol).  The nice thing is I can really move at my leisure, because the house is mine, I don't have to worry about double mortgage payments.  We had an awful thing happen yesterday.  I went over to the house and found that a bunch of "crack heads" had broken in and had been going through everything and it appeared they had been sleeping there too.  They broke into one of the two garages and stole alot of my dad's tools, saws and things he wanted to give to his grandchildren.  I was horrified when I started to go in the front door and these people just started coming out with their arms full of my parents things.  Thank goodness we had removed all of the valuables from the house when we moved them to the retirement home, or it could have been much worse.  The woman I met coming out of the front door was carrying an expensive painting which I ripped out of her hands and kicked her out.  She wouldn't leave until I called the police.  I spent about 4 hours with the police going through everything but I was told there wasn't anything they could do, it was just a case of trespassing.  I said tresspassing, they broke into the main house and who knows what they took, and they stole tools, table saws, radial arm saws, etc. etc. from the garage.  The police said all they can do is try and track them down through pawn shop tickets.  I can't believe people would have the nerve to do something like that.  Well, we have rekeyed all the locks and luckily found the alarm codes to reset the alarms - so I hope it's safe for now, but I'm going get moved in as fast as I can.  I will be wonderful for the puppies to have a yard to play in though.
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Congratulations!  Sounds like it will be great for the puppies to have a big space to play.  We added on to our house last year and it is about that size now......good and bad.....Ziggi thinks it is a race track now and 90lbs of boxer zooming through the house sounds like a horse running in here!  :D

Sorry to hear about your break in, hopefully things will be better when you get there for good!
Congrats.!!  That is sooo awsome for you and your family!!  I wish you luck in the move!
Congrats!!!  That is great news!!!  Believe me, they will love their new, big backyard.
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