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Spoiled boy!

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Odin and his new Ethan Allen dog bed.  :D

This is his first "smiling boxer" pic too!

It's soo comfy... and with a 10 yr warranty it should last A LONG time!

LOL Though I must confess, it's actually an Ethan Allen couch cushion that was considered defect by a customer
(the crease on the far left, Odin doesn't mind though) and hubby was suppose to throw it out... but dog bed came to his mind right away. It's SO comfortable
and Ethan Allen furniture has a 10 yr warranty (for human butt use LOL) so you know it should last a long time. I just want to get a toddler bed cover or something so that I can easily wash the surface.

I LOVE IT! Anyway... just wanted to show off how big he's getting too... I was like wow... is that my puppy!??
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Odin looks very comfy cozy on his new bed!  :D
Looks like he enjoys it. If i got one of those for Zeus and Dante i dont think theyd sleep on it and instead they would stay in my bed and give me just a little bit of room.
looks comfy- i think he approves :D
Wow, he is getting big and even more handsome (if that is possible).  He looks like he approves of his new bed.
Lol, I see a new line of beds now from Ethan Allen...The dog bed line......Well, Odin sure is loving it and yes he is growing! Looking very grown up too...Anybody told him that he has a new sister coming real soon? Pssttt Odin, guess what?  :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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