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staph infection? pics

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This is the second time Felix has had this type of wound.  the first happened shortly after his neuter in october.  It looked exactly like this except it was on the back of his front leg.  this on is on his neck.  It started out small and scabby, and has grown.  It scabs over every day but the scabs rub off easily and it looks just like the pics under the scabs. It is about the size of a dime or a penny. He scratches at it also. I had a bandage on his wound with bacitracin and it stayed on for a few hours until he scratched it off.
I am pretty sure it is a staph infection, but i'm wondering now if it could be a food allergy since this is the second one in 4 months.  He doesn't scratch anywhere else though.
Any thoughts?
Thanks for looking!


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I am not too familar with staph infections but if its not constantly happening, not sure it would be food related, maybe a bit of some kind?     I know with Hanna's food alergies its an every day thing if we feed her any grains.   So not too sure....looks like a questions for Sharon!!
Thanks Hanna,
I've never had to deal with food allergies before and wasn't sure how often it happened.  He has been on Canidae since he was about 4 months old, he's now 10 months.  I do add sardines, egg, turkey necks, and other various raw things though not as often.. could be one of those things.  how soon after eating a trigger would the reaction occur?
I was pretty sure the first was staph since it happened literally the week after the came home from the neuter.
I would say it looks as something got into the pores and caused a reaction.   But to be staph it would have to be becteria.  This looks more maybe a reaction to a bit or something??   Maybe something got into his skin to cause the reaction??  Not too sure.  I know Hanna got sores itchy under her neck but there were a lot of them, and came often but not isolated.  When they come I spray a topical steroid and it cleanred it up, but not too sure on what to do for this.

If the skin is not broken, maybe an over the counter itch cream????   Again, Sharon is the qualified vet tech (cough, ha ha - j/k) and probablly see more skin irritations than she wants and will have a better idea.

Hope he gets better:)
Well, it is bleeding so it must be broken somewhere.. but i never see blood coming from anywhere, nor can I find an opening with any pus or blood coming out.  It scabs though, so it has to come from somewhere, ha.  The last one took a few weeks to get better.  So, I think it will be ok.. it just wish I knew what it was and how to speed the healing or prevent it.  This is a particularly bad spot b/c his collar rubs it and causes it to bleed.  Ah! I just had an idea, i'll try a harness until it heals :)
Yep, my guess would have been a histiocytoma also. Very, very common!
That is certainly possible.  I am not really thinking Staph though....I would suggest checking for histiocytoma, even though it looks generally more like a mole or wart type lesion and not a flat sore.

It is just to hard to tell from the pic anything beyond that it is sore.
I hadn't even heard of Histiocytoma, so I will research that and try to get some better pics- without the flash.  thanks guys!
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