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Yeah, we're sure it's staph.  They did a culture a while back and now it's to the point where when I see them, I just call in a script request.  

To the best of our knowledge, Zoe doesn't have allergies and she doesn't doesn't itch.  The staph infection itself doesn't itch her.  So scratching isn't a problem.  They just make her feel poorly.  The vet has determined that most likely the problem is that Zoe's immune system is less than perfect which is why her body can't fight off these infections.

I have been doing a ton of research on this and thought I'd share what I found.

Staph is present on dogs skin all the time.  It remains dorment unless something irritates the skin and then the staph invades and multiplies.  An open scratch can start it.  Raw skin from scratching can cause it.  Dogs who have allergies are more prone to staph infections due to the scratching.  

And some dogs have staph hypersensitivity and are actually allergic to the staph itself.  

It's treated with antibiotics and medicated shampoo and if reoccuring with steroid injections.  Reoccuring is more than 4 times a year.  

The reason we are considering the injections is because the problem is her immune system.  

This is what it looks like when it's medium bad.  At it's worst, they are red and crusty and the hair falls out around them.  I couldn't find my other pics.  The last few times she's had it, it hasn't gotten bad because we catch it much much sooner.

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