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Started working and I was punished

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So I started my new job at the Embassy yesterday and I came home to severe punishment.  Ok maybe not that severe but it was bad enough.  I knew that Allie would do something to show her disgust at me working full time.  She had peed 3 times in 3 different spots and also pooped twice in 2 different spots.  This is not like her.  She is totally house broke and knows better.  She's never been in the crate - always free to roam and has always been good, even when I worked full time.  In the last 2 years though I have worked part time and from home, so she has always been with me.  I can't bring her to the Embassy.  While it would probably be ok, she would want to give slobbery kisses to everyone when they came into the office.  I'm hoping today will be better and there won't be so much punishment.  She even ignored me when I got home and refused to cuddle with me and instead cuddled with DH and just stared at me.  I have a mad wiggle butt on my hands.  I'm also hoping that after I get this job situated and everything under control I can make it part time and be home with her again.

Any suggestions to make Allie a little happier about me working?
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WOW.. that doesnt dsound fun

I remember when my boys got ancious when we stayed after at church on sunday and they ate through the diaper Genie and spread sooiled diapers across my house and rubbed them into the carpet. If that wasnt ebough they knoced the baby gate into the kitchen down and got my bags of flour from the pantry and spread them on top as if to hide the first disaster. That wasnt fun.
OMG  8O I can't imagine coming home to that.  After we got Allie, it was maybe 4 months, I went to NJ for 1 week.  Seh stayed home with DH.  He called me the first day and was screaming at me that she had pooped from the foyer all the way to the bedroom and had gotten the poop on the sheets and blankets in our bedroom and the guest bedroom.  The next day, he called and said she had counter surfed and open the box of hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff mix and ripped everything open and had that all over the apartment.  Needless to say I don;t ravel very much any more.
How long was she alone?  Honestly, that doesn't sound *that* bad.  At least there was no destruction.
She was alone for 8 hours.  I let her out twice before I left.  It wasn't that bad - it definitely could have been a lot worse and I'm grateful it wasn't.
Have you tried leaving her with Kongs to keep her busy?  I think she will adjust and if she regress in her house training you may want to consider a kennel until things change.  :)
I don't know, even if it's physically possible for her to hold it for 8 hours, that's a long time to have to.   I'd look into finding a dog walker or somebody who can come by and let her out.
Buck & Tia used to do that to me when we werre living in Ireland..One day I came home & found the phone in the kitchen off the hook(it was sitting on the buffet), my cell phone outside, a bowl of loose change strewn all over the floor and the newspaper in shreds...Then they would go for months without doing a thing...She may just be learning to adjust to you not being there all the time..Maybe try leaving a radio on for her, something soothing, or Animal Planet, maybe also give her a stuffed Kong before you go....
I have heard many times Boxers are a jealous breed and they will let you know when they are upset.
I'll try the Kong.  I leave the TV on for her.  I'm waiting for Puppy Bowl I and III to arrive so I can leave those on for her.  I may be able to have someone come by and let her or walk her.  We have a friend near us that has a Golden Retriever and they sometimes play together.
Aww, poor Allie she misses her mom and she sure is letting you know it!
Boxer_man_Rich\";p=\"70458 said:
I have heard many times Boxers are a jealous breed and they will let you know when they are upset.
They are a jealous breed.  There is not unauthorized kissing or hugging in our household.   :lol: She also doesn't like it when another dog sits in my lap or one of my nephews sits in my lap.  Allie will just jump up and sort of "push" them off.
As someone who works from home and is with my dog 95% of the time, separation anxiety can easily creep in at any given time.  If you're home every day they get used to that.  I actually had to start forcing myself to leave the house at least a while every day and gradually get him used to time home alone.  Just going cold turkey from being home all the time to being gone for 8 hours has got to be a huge shock, and I think all things considering, you're dog did very well.   Just make sure you exercise her as much as possible because destruction could easily come via boredom.  Even though I don't have to I send my pup to doggie daycare like once a week, he sleeps for 2 days after.  It just helps keep him in line
Thats funny. If i all one of my dogs they all come running. IF one passes me I pet it and ge trrampled on the couch by 3 others... it is rough..
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