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Still not housebroken!?!?!?!

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Abby is now 9 months. We have had her since 5.5 months. Still not housebroken. She goes outside and is typically good (when we are watching her with an eagle eye) and is great in her crate...but turn your head for 2 seconds when she's out of her crate and she's sure to go. Is 9 months and not housebroken crazy? She still doesn't give us a signal to go out but we just take her very frequently and watch for any pacing that she does. We were taking advantage of her sensitivity to discipline for a week or 2 but then we had a couple poop-eating incidents as a result (she was trying to hide it i think) so we have had to stop that. She learns everything else so perfectly, people are amazed! (Just for fun recently i taught her to "turn". it took 10 minutes. now I say turn and she does this little ballerina manuver, so cute!) But I just want her to stop going in the house!!!! 10 minutes to stay, 10 mintues to turn, 2 minutes to sit, etc. 4.5 months and still can't understand not to pee in the house?
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When Abby goes in the house make sure you say bad girl and put her nose near it some ppl put there nose in it, but I cant do that. Jessie is 4 months and she doesnt go in the house anymore. Recently we hung her collar up were she can get it and were we can see it, and when its time to go outside we say Jessie let go bathroom get ur collar and she hits it. The first night we taught her she was great. A few hrs went by and she hits it. We took her out and she did both. Jessie hasnt done any accidents I think in like 2 weeks. It really takes time. To be though I think 9 months is a long time. You should take her out every two hrs. Thats a little weird how she can learn everything else just not pee.
I wouldn't dicipline her or put her nose near it or in it. That will only teach her to go where you can't see her or find it. Instead, when she does pee, get a paper towel and soak it up. Take the paper towel outside where you want her to go, with her of course, put it down on the ground and then give her a command, "go potty", "go pee pee", whatever you are using. Be very consistant with it. Make sure you take her out the same door every time, and make her sit before you take her out. That way she will learn to sit by the door when she has to pee.  
No, 9 months is not too old for her not to be trained.  Who knows what she was taught or wasn't taught in the first 5.5 months of her life. I rescued Maddie at 16 months and she wasn't housetrained at all. Good Luck with this, I know it is very frustrating.  :?
Thank you for the responses, this is just getting frustrating. We are extremely consistant with both fact, Brady was belled trained within 6 days of getting him. Abby still wants no part of that though. I can't imagine going 2 hours before I take her out honestly. If they are awake or playing, i take her out every 20 to 40 minutes depending on how active she is being. Always the same door, always the same routine, etc. We have soaked the area she goes in nature's miracle...etc. It's not that she doesn't know that she is supposed to go outside...she goes every time we take her out within a matter of a couple minutes. If she doesn't actually have to go because I took her 15 minutes earlier, she at least fakes it for me! She knows WHERE she is supposed to go but she just can't understand that inside is not an alternative option!
My hope is that she can just be a little more independant around the house. She wants to play with Brady but I need to stay by her side and if it's at a moment that I can't go running up to their playroom with her, then she can't go, end of story. I feel bad, I would like to have her go roam and play whenever she wants, but it's just not possible!
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Yeah, until she is totally potty trained do not let her out of your sight. I had to keep Maddie on a leash clipped to my side, because the minute I would leave to do something she would go off and pee. It took Maddie a good 2-3 months to train her, and she was almost a 1 1/2 years old! I'm finally starting to trust her a bit and leave her out of her crate when I go run some errands. She just turned 2 last month. So far she has been good. **knocking on wood**  Abby will get it........I promise!  :p
Ditto what Tootsie said...We've had Angel, who is 18 mos for about 6 weeks and I also watch her like a hawk...She does great for days, then boom, it's like she forgets...We pretty much were starting from scratch with her, so I don't feel I'm doing too badly. As long as you have ruled out any UTI's I would just be patient..I know, it's hard and very frustrating...I seem to have had more trouble with my females as far as housetraining, not sure why...Keep lots of Nature's Miracle on hand, it does the best job in cleaning up any stains....Good luck and it will get better... :)
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