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Stubborn Boxer!

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Can you imagine that??? Merlin has been in Beginner Obedience for 9 weeks now. He's had his good days and his bad days, but lately they've been mostly bad. I can't get him in a down position - even with treats! And, next class will be our test - without treats! That's been the only way I've been able to get him to do anything! Last week he jumped on the mastiff that was passing by when we were warming them up. He's driving me c-r-a-z-y! Any suggestions??
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i can offer sypmathy....thats about it. Savannah is the same way though. we got her in march and she is 2 without any formal training-she does fairly well-she just doesnt like to sit if there is no treat involved
I know that some ppl had really small treats and would pinch them between their thumb and finger where the dog could not see it, so when they were not allowed to treat they would do the same thing without the treat.  It seemed to work for them.
huh....boxers stubborn????  8O

They are a little hard headed aren't they. The only thing I can offer is to be consistent. Keep on training with the treats. Then eventually only treat every other time he obeys. Keep your training sessions short and fun, otherwise they can become a bit bored and yes, even stubborn.
Good luck, I'm sure the down will eventually click with Merlin.  :wink:
What's strange was that he WAS doing the down - now he won't!
Welcome to boxer fun.  $10 says he is testing your authority.  I would go back to the beginning and see where things are going wrong and work from there.  Once all the prerequisites are in place again, down should start working again.
[quote="dan.daugherty\";p=\"49140":39cx069u]Welcome to boxer fun.
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