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Stupid question---Mainly for Sharon

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Ok so I called my vet to set up an appointment for the will be like a day and a half after I get the new puppy.  But when I scheduled the appointment they didn't say anything about getting a stool sample and its been like a year since my last new puppy vet appointment so.......Does every vet want a stool sample, should I just take one just in case.  I could call them but the receptionist is a little bit of a rip (but the vets are really good so I don't want to switch vets) just wanted your opinion if nothing else I will have Adam call them :)
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Well....if they dont want a stool sample...they should!  But, my preference is to take a fresh sample from the dog at the visit. People who bring along a sample in a baggie, well that is okay too as long as it is a fresh one and it has not been inside the ziploc bag all day in the sun...Talk about ROUGH on the nose :)
Yeah that doesn't sound to pleasent.  I imagine they must just take one there then because they are so awesome, I am leaving my current vet for them and when I went to them when Duke had his foot problem he knew so much about boxers and he said he loves learning more so he is constantly trying to get more education which I think is just great.  They are a country vet so they have large animal vet clinic on one side and small animal clinic on the other; my parents started breeding goats and the vet they deal with all the time didn't know much about them so he took the time to learn more about it so he could help them out.  

So I'm sure it will be fine, just wanted to double check.  Thank you :)
No problem and I am glad you are able to find a vet that you like...that is so important!!!!!  Most prefer to take samples so I am sure that is what they will do....It would never be a situation of if you did not bring it in that your baby would not be am sure you are good just to go....
Good cause I really don't like collecting poo  :lol: The only problem is I have to drive an 1 1/2 to get there and its calving season so they are really busy so I had to call three weeks in advance just to get an 8:30 appointment  which is early
Poo is the easy sample to get, trying getting a urine one!!   Not like you can just hand them the cup and say fill it:)

I always bring a stool sample in esp if a new pup.  They can tell alot from it from worms, parasties etc.  Best to get a 100% clean bill of health rather than to wait for something to develop.  Good Luck!
I would love to see that.....Standing there with a cup waiting for him to pee.   :lol: I could just see Dukes face...Like mama what are you doing.
when i had to collect a urine sample from jetta...i held the cup under her...and she looked back at me like "what the heck are you doing under there?" lool
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