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Swelling- omg help. (Updated. New issue)

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Beaux's lips and a small part of his jowls completely swelled up out of nowhere tonight (he also has some minor hives on his neck)... He is acting completely fine, but looks like he got popped in the face.

I gave him a 25 mg strip of benadryl... He is 29.4 lbs.

I called the emergency vet and she said to bring him to the emergency vet for steroid shots... But this isn't my normal vet, and she wouldn't even tell me how much benadryl to feed him- I had to call someone else to find out.

Does anyone know what could possibly cause this? The swelling is already starting to go down after 10 minutes, but I can't help but be a little worried.

If it's not completely gone in an hour, I'll take him to the emergency vet... I'd just rather not pay for a 300.00 visit if I don't have to.


He's feeling better- no swelling, but now he has a pink rash that is warm to the touch on his belly...

I'm thinking it's a reaction to the steroids.

I just want my puppy to get better. I feel bad, he's been to the vet 5 times in the past week.

Has anyone's pup had a reaction like that from steroids or benadryl?
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Re: Swelling- omg help.

Around here it would be a bee sting or a snake bite.  Hope he's alright!
Re: Swelling- omg help.

Yeah, I don't think he's been in contact with a snake or a bee.... but he may have pissed off a spider or something. That's the only thing I can think (other than he licked at his feet once he came in from going potties- maybe he's allergic to something in the grass)
Re: Swelling- omg help.

Sounds like he got into something or he got stung or bit by something. The benadryl should help. I hope the swelling goes down quick.
How is he this morning?
Re: Swelling- omg help.

I recomend any one who has pets keep these things on hand for emergencies...Hope Beaux is doing better  :) ... pic&t=1164
Re: Swelling- omg help.

I gave him 37 mg of benadryl... but the swelling was starting to go crazy, and me being the paranoid mother that I am... I took him to the emergency vet.

200 dollars later, and my dog's pee smelling like something is burning (yay steroids?)... The swelling is almost completely gone.

I think he tried to eat something that stung him. He's doing much better... In fact, I'm pretty sure that this whole ordeal freaked me out more than it affected him.

Now all I need is some sleep. I stayed up with him all night because I was so worried about him.

Thanks for the kind thoughts! :)
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Re: Swelling- omg help.

Good idea taking him.  I've been there but my baby had respitory distress and a sz.  Keep Benadryl on hand, it's always w/me when I'm out someplace w/her.  I am glad she is ok, the vet will prob. have you keep him on the bendrl. for a few days just in case.  He must have got into something...these poor Boxer's and there allergies...who knew.
Re: Swelling- omg help.

You could also get an epi-pen to keep around for such instances.
Is Beaux still not feeling better? As of your post on Wed, he was doing much better.  :?  If he still has swelling, maybe a call or another trip to the vet is a good idea.
Swelling is gone- now he has a rash on his belly (or really- probably all over)... That doesn't seem to bother him, but is warm to the touch.

We've seen the vet 5 times this week- they can't seem to fix anything!
Could be a food allergy. What are you feeding him?
Nutro Large Breed Puppy...

He's been eating it for 4 months now, and hasn't seem to have had an issue.

I found the bug bite- it was on his tongue (looks like he really WAS trying to eat the spider)... The Emergency vet shot him up with a LOT of benadryl and some steroids (which made him smell like burning plastic up until yesterday).

I think he's having a reaction to either A. The massive amounts of Benadryl, or the Steroids.

I'm taking him to the vet AGAIN this evening, but jesus... I feel like they're kind of incompetent if I am having to bring him to the vet this often and they can't figure out what's going on.
Could be a reaction to the steroids. Could be something environmental also. When it comes to allergies, it is so difficult to find what they are allergic to.
Maddie has had the rash on her belly, but just dots, nothing raised like hives. It went away by itself. Occasionally it comes back, I'm thinking it's the grass outside. It doesn't bother her at all, she doesn't scratch at it, I just see it when she is rolling around or wants a belly rub.
Good luck at the vet. I hope they can figure out what is going on with Beaux!
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