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well I finally decided to switch Ekim and Delila to Canidae. Although they both love the Wellness dog food it has been making their poop very soft. Ekim acts like her is starving all the time. He has been on the wellness 7 weeks and Delila is on it 4 weeks. She is my picky eater and even though she ate the wellness first, she did finish the canidae. I hope They do ok on it.

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good luck with the switch luann,. hope they love it!
I also switched to Canidae from nutro maxx and Duke loves it I was mixing it together for the transition and he would pick out the canidae pieces and leave the other....It was funny...I had dog food all over my floor
Hope it works well for you.
Hoping this solves the "poo" issue for you Luann  :)
:-SS Well Ekim was chewing on one of his paws today, I hope it isn't from the canidae. I don't know what to try for them next. Hopefully my husband gave him some sort of treat that he shouldn't have. ~X(
well i just recently switched anna to Eukanuba, and she loves it.  may be filled with some stuff people here don't approve of, but

1) she likes it
2) she farts WAY less now
3) stools are firm and consistent
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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