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Taking Things off Counters

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Do any of you have a problem with your boxer taking things off of counters or the table?  Bee Bee wants to do this especially if we're not around.  Now I caught her at it twice last night and I growled her for it, but I don't know how much good it did.  Just wondering if anyone else ever had this problem.
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No Jessie never wants to go on the table or counters...WHen you see her doing it you have to say no she will end up listening on point another
Oh yes! Chloe is my counter surfer..One time I brought home some cake from my dad's birthday party and not thinking left it on the counter. Chloe ate the whole thing but the foil and paper plate. Thank goodness it was just vanilla with strawberry filling cake.
Yes! Debo gets up on counters/tables. He's managed to chew up things that we THOUGHT were safe, now we're learning our lesson! My fiancee isn't too happy about this little habbit. It happens when we are in another room, ocassionally when we are around, but hardly ever...usually if it involves food :p He's trying to be sneaky!
Kane gets up on anything.  He stole a really nice raw ribeye right off the plate as we were going to BBQ last week (I guess he's pro raw feeding lol).  He also gets up there just to see what's there.  I go through lots of Clorox wipes wiping his slobber off everything.  If I'm in the kitchen he's right under food.  I've been telling him out and he understands that, but doesn't take him long to try and come in again.  He even sneaks under the table when we're eating and oops here comes a big pink tongue trying to see what he can find to swipe.  He's getting better because now he know that if he's good and doesn't bother us at the table, he can have a treat when we are finished.  It's really hard for him to wait but he is learning.
Hahaha...Just this morning when I came back in from walking my daughter to the bus stop there was a whole bag of half eaten hamburger buns on the floor!  8O Maddie is the worst when it comes to counter surfing.  :lol: I'll take a bag of hamburger buns over the couch anyday I guess! :bigrazz:
betty is bad about wanted to be up on tables. i think she has a hard time understanding that some things are ok for the cats, but they aren't okay for her  :lol:
Maggie is a counter surfer... My sister came home one day and found her on top of the refrigerator! LOL!

Jessie will put her paws up but never gets on the counter or takes anything off...
OMG The mental picture I am getting is cracking me up   :rofl:
Well I don't feel so bad now LOL.

I love the refrigerator one.  HA HA HA
LOL!!! oh yeah... she was a bad girl
I recommend a well rinsed out soda can with a few pennies inside.  When you see the dog going for a counter item shake the can.  The horrific noise sends them scurrying.  Try not to laugh the first time, but it works.  After a couple of times just seeing the can on the counter will become a deterent.

Happy training! :D
LOL!!! The Fridge!!!  HA!  Mag is a a little theif, especially if it is food related.  She has snuck off the counter chops, chicken, peanut butter toast, ect.   She is better about it now but she can NOT be trusted.  It's too tempting.  I keep everything that I don't want her to eat way out of her range (and her range seems to get bigger and bigger!!)  The pennies in the can thing does work if you catch  her in the act , but don't turn your back on your toast!
ROFL - If I had time to throw the can of pennies, I'd have time to move the food, but it's a good idea.  I just can't turn my back for a second or it's gone.
We dont allow either of the girls in the kitchen at all. Savannah abides by that rule, but lately Reese is getting braver :) She hasnt surfed yet, but she loves trying to steal the cat food-which she throws up! when i am grilling though i have both girls on my tail bringing the meat to and from the grill. Savannah stops at the kitchen door and wont even touch the tile (she doesnt get good traction on it at all!!) Reese though will walk in the kitchen and when i turn around she will sit like a good girl. I guess she thinks if she looks innocent that i will give her a handout....not happening!!
Abby sits and stares at what she wants. She has yet to jump for it, but oh how stubborn she gets. There is nothing you can do to make her break eye contact with her desired item!!!! Her chest puffs out, her shoulders slump and she just STARES it down! And after a while, she will start "talking" to day I fear she will learn her jumping capabilities.
We found Tink ON the kitchen table several times when she was a lot smaller - we never figured out how she was getting up there...  she's grand now, though.  Hector, on the other hand, is quite the counter-surfer.  He generally only goes up to have a look but those paws have swept many a plate or glass onto the floor...
hi all, its getting a real problem with zach. he is 7 months now and cannot help stealing things. he got hold of some liquid detergent sachets and ate the lot. he has spent all afternoon being sick and feeling sorry for himself.  :(  the vet said he should be ok, give him lots of water.
they must of tasted horrible but he still ate them. we are waiting now to see what happens when it gets to the other end :?
ollytheblue\";p=\"27567 said:
...we are waiting now to see what happens when it gets to the other end :?
Excuse me for laughing, but the mental image I got was just hilarious!.....(singing to myself)...Tiny bubbles :lol:
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