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Talos is 9 weeks old today and has been in his forever home for almost 1 week.

We've had 1 accident in the house (mommy's fault)
I've been to visit my new vet and they say I'm very healthy. I didn't get any shots this time but I did get dewormer, flea and tick treatment, heartworm meds and lots of loves and treats.
I also visited Pet Smart. I rode in the cart because I'm not allowed close contact with other dogs yet. But I got some new toys and training treats and everyone loved me.
My mom and dad also took me to get my micro chip this weekend. I was distracted by cheese with treats in it so I didn't cry or yelp. So my parents took me through the drive through at starbucks for a puppachino. I loved it and had the whipped cream all over my face.
I weight about 10 pounds, have been learning sit and lay down and starting roll over. I play fetch. Sleep a lot. Run really fast and am getting better about my crate.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts