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Tattoos and Microchips

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Have any of you had this done? When Mia comes home, she's getting her ears cropped July 9th and I'd like to get a tattoo done at the same time. Then I want to get the microchip kit off of ebay (its the home again one) and chip her. I'd like to chip Toby too and thats why I want to get the kits from Ebay. They're $12.95 each and at my vets they're $40. So instead of spending $80, I'll just spend $26. Also, the reason I don't have Toby tattooed is because he's up my butt 24/7. He's a complete velcro dog and won't leave my side. He follows me from room to room and lays at the bathtub when I get a shower. Toby is weary of strangers too the chances of him getting stolen are slim to none (he's scared not aggressive). Now Mia's is most likely going to love EVERYONE so I'd like to have everything covered and squared away. Any pro's and con's to tattooing and microchipping?
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I don't think youre going to find anyone here that will give you a con for microchipping.  I'm probably going to have jessie microchipped after this summer!
I've never done that tattoing thing on the animals, I figure if they are microchipped, that's enough. If your dog is lost and picked up from animal control or brought to a vets office, the first thing they are going to do is scan the dog for a chip. I don't think I would tattoo my dog. Just a personal preference I guess.
As far as cons to micro chipping the only one I can think of is if someone chips there dog but doesn't register with the micro chip company.
The only con I can think of with a tattoo is that the fur will grow over the tattoo and wouldn't be that visible anyway, so why do it??
I think more people are going to look for tags or chips.  :)
I haven't tattooed, personally - tattoos are more easily removed than microchips if someone is determined to do so.  When comparing the cost of chips, don't forget about shipping costs (not sure if that's included in the $12.95), enrollment in a recovery program ($12-15 - sometimes that's part of the vet fee, sometimes it isn't, but with a chip from a vet, even if you never enroll the chip company can contact the vet, who should have a record of which chip went to which dog/owner), and implantation.  Some vets will implant a chip even if it isn't one of theirs, some won't - and the needles are huge, it's really not something you want to do yourself, at least until you've been shown the correct way by someone with lots of experience doing it.  I have my own chips, but I won't put them in myself.
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I plan on microchiping Odin. He is registered with the akc lost and found and has the tag but I want something hidden. Next time I take him to the vet I'm getting the microchip. Which might be as soon as Wednesday. I don't want to be one of those people that keeps putting it off... and then... its too late!

I wouldn't do the tattoo either. Don't like the idea of giving my dog a tat... it's for life! He might regret it later on. :wink:
My cheyenne was micro but that was already done before i got her
Savannah is chipped, and Reese will be next tuesday. I dont know anyone who has given their animal a tat.  

:bsofftopic: kinda.

Mastray- how long did it take to get the AKC lost and Found tags? I registered Reese a month ago with it and still have not received her tags-though i have received everything else that AKC sends out. am i jumping the gun or should i go ahead and contact them?
Here's a picture where you can see Voltaire's tatoo - it has to be done by the breeder when they're pups for the pedigree I.D papers. Ear or inside leg. The only negative thing i've seen with the tatoo thing is people who've cut the ear off their own dogs in order to abandon them without getting caught - horrible :evil:

Funny picture, 'eh :lol:
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Scout is chipped and Gunner will be on his next rabies shot visit.  After having both of them escape for the backyard recently, that just cemented the deal for me.  They have tags with names and addresses but those can easily be taken off if someone stole them.  To tell you the truth, I never gave a thought to tatts.
Around here they tattoo the inside of the leg where hair is minimal.. I'll have to get a picture of my boyfriend's pitbull. The tattoo is basically a life time license fee of $30. We're taking Mia to get a shot when she comes home, so I'll just have them give her the microchip there. I'll wait on Toby's or get it done here before she comes home.

I just wanted to do the tattoo because it might make someone think twice about stealing them.. I don't know. I'd rather be safe than sorry since my yorkie was stolen.. Around here its not uncommon for dogs to "go missing".
Mastray\";p=\"8570 said:
I wouldn't do the tattoo either. Don't like the idea of giving my dog a tat... it's for life! He might regret it later on. :wink:
Funny... cuz Odin told me he wanted a Heart-shaped tattoo on his arm with a banner around it that says "Mother".
I would say that a tattoo is more to deter a would-be dog thief than for identification purposes.  Any I've seen (only in pics) have been on the inside of the rear leg where there's very little hair to begin with.

I would definitely get Tink & Hector tattooed only I have yet to find one single vet who does it!

Maybe I should bring them into the place that tattoos me, ha ha!
Lol Mastray, so now Odin wants a tatoo, huh? Lord have mercy...Honeyec, I can just see you taking Tink & Hector into the tatoo parlor and asking for tats for your babies....I love it...

Samson was microchipped by the Boxer Rescue before I got him, altho I have lost his ID tag, I think it was chewed off actually  :lol: ..Angel needs to be done & I'll talk to the vet about that when she goes in for her shots...I still think microchipping is the best option for a permanent identification, cos I could see some unscrupulous person trying to remove a tatoo from a dog.
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