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tears things up the moment I leave!

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Everytime I leave Lucy alone she starts taking things from one room to another and just gets into eveything possible. I leave her an abundance of toys to play with, food, fresh water... she even has a friend to play with when she is at my boyfriends. I dont know what to do. I would like to begin crate training her, I have a crate for her but it won't fit in my little car so I need my dad to bring it over in his truck. does anyone have any other suggestions though? I try not to be gone too long. but I have school a couple hours a day monday tuesday and wednesday, and now I am getting a job so I won't have much choice but to leave her inside alone. I live in an apartment. Luckily my room mate is often there when I am not so that keeps her occupied.
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Calli did the same thing.  We were going crazy until we talked to our vet.  They recommended a crate to train her and it was amazing how much it helped.  She actually liked her crate and would go in it even when we were home to sleep.  We always left the door to it open when we were home.  We also started out with short trips so she wasn't in there a long time the first few weeks, then gradually left her in it longer.  She never had a problem with it and after a while (I think it was a year or so) she was able to be left out in the house without damaging things.  We would leave her out for a few minutes while we went outside, then after she was okay with that we left her longer, until we could trust her out all day (worse thing she did was sleep on the couch!  :D ).

I would get the crate over as soon as possible and start working with her.  Put a blanket in it that has your scent and hers on it.  Don't leave anything in the crate she could eat or choke on.
I cant leave for too long, only because I am a worry wart. I suggest the crate. If someone can come over and let Lucy out that would be great! I read that boxers get real bored quickly and perhaps this is why lucy does what she does, I try to leave for about and hour and shut all doors, soon I shall leave for an hour and a half... and so on... Newt hasnt chewed anything as of yet, pretty soon I think they learn you will be comming home at any time and Lucy will settle down. Best of luck to you both! :)
How old is Lucy? Usually from the first time you bring them home you need to start training them what they can and cannot chew on. For one it is very deadly to leave one alone and let them chew on anything. They could even chew on an electric cord or swallow things and cause blockages.  

Basically, you have two choices but really one one is practical because you don't stay home full time. Have dad bring the crate over as fast as possible so you can start training her to go in this. When you are gone you should lock her up for her own good. Most of them love crates because it is a den like environment but some will hate them at first but it just depends upon the pup. If they don't like it introduce this slowly and give treats when she goes inside. You can read plenty of posting about the rough times people have teaching a new dong a crate.

When you are home - you should put a leash on her and get some bitter apple to put on different things on the floor. When she picks them up she will not like the taste and you should say no and replace the thing she wants to chew on with her toy.  Over and over and over and over again.....until she gets it while you are home. Until then when you leave you should crate her....

Good Luck
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thanks! I think I'll give my dad a call tomorrow!  :D  And i def. will try that bitter apple thing. she is a quick learner. She knows what she is doing is wrong becuase as soon as she sees me looking at the mess she bolts before I say anything!
Can you gate Lucy off in your kitchen until you get a crate?  This 7 month old rescue we are fostering is into everything, and can leap over all the gates we've tried, but our Boxer couldn't jump the gates.  Some people use a crate for discipline, I don't know how that works, but he'd be in most of the day for naughty stuff.  I don't want to connect the crate with punishment since he's already anxious about it, so I'll need to find an alternate area.  This too will pass.
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